ACTION!! Let’s go to the NGA

Posted: March 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

At long last, we see that state governments are, at the very least, putting off Real ID with extensions until they can get the money or until they can get their bearings organized underneath them.

Today, I ask you to focus on the Governor’s offices of your own state and making at least one to two phone calls on behalf of repealing the Real ID. Then you should pick on the National Governors Association for being chief organizers and chairs of collusion to “help” governors actualize this bill when it should have been shot dead on the legislative floor. Please take a gander at the list of “Corporate Fellows” – which our fiends Digimarc are among them.

Listen, take heart, I am a blogger. I am not a media python squeezing news from the bullshit that government PIO’s dump on my desk. What I want is the Real ID act repealed. I will do my best to take you down this road together and report what I find, however biased it is.’s , author Katherine Albrecht has made a recommended contribution of concerned citizens in New Hampshire gagging on the new “pat down ” application of this law. If you don’t want to be chipped – do something about it. At the very least you will feel better.


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