North Carolina and Wisconsin Join 5-11 Agenda

Posted: May 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

A: Any legislation with express intent to stop or repeal Real ID implementation regulations.


RALEIGH- North Carolina would become the latest state to rebel against the federal REAL ID driver’s license standards if an atypical mix of lawmakers gets its way.

Both fiscal conservatives worried about the laws impact on state spending and more liberal members, who expresss concerns about the potential for invasion of privacy, signed on to a bill this past week that demands, “No State agency chall comply with the requirements of the REAL ID ACT.”   That 2005 federal law created uniform standards for state drivers licenses in an effort to make identification harder to fake or obtain for those here illegally. ::FULL STORY HERE::

c/o John Nichols of The Capital Times
“In Wisconsin, last week, Huebesch and other Republicans joined Democrats in backing a budget repair bill that strips Real ID of funding necessary for its implementation.” 

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