WHTI -DHS Town Hall Tour

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

DHS Secretary Chertoff, is enduring the “public education” tour on both the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative and college talks with intelligent young folks about identity security.

Here is the LA Symposium at USC.

And here is Chertoff discourse yesterday about WHTI in OHIO.

“We are doing a series of town hall meetings to make folks aware of changes that are coming about,” DHS spokesperson Laura Keehner told HSToday.us. “The town hall is a platform to talk to people and receive feedback from them.”

According to suggestions from the National Travel Association and the Travel Association of America, it’s just plain good PR. People don’t like being held to a standard from behind them where they can’t have some notion of what’s going on and at least, a nominal voice in what is happening to them.

If only they could tell us more about why non-terrorist information is being held in DHS databases for 15 years and how to get off the watchlists.


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