EDLs & RFID Use in Border Cards

Posted: September 4, 2008 in border, Enhanced Drivers License, RFID, Speed Pass, Washington State

The Many Faces of Real ID

You may know them as Enhanced Driver’s Licenses, Speed Passes, Border Cards, Voluntary Transport Worker ID’s, CLEAR Airline Cards; these are the practical applied faces of Real ID.

RFID Construction Begins at Presidio Port of Entry
“Use of RFID will enable swifter processing at border crossings for travelers using new state-of-the-art travel documents. These documents include the passport card – a wallet-sized, cost-effective alternative to the traditional passport specifically designed for cross-border land and sea travel – and enhanced driver’s licenses being produced by several states. Washington State began producing an EDL in February and currently has issued over 21,000.”
– c/o Import Industry News

Real ID: Speed Pass to Slavery –Henry Lamb’s Commentary

Nexus comes to Niagra Falls: Lemmings Pay $50 for Border Pass Cards

Real ID suffers from serious flaws that will affect the rights of every American.”-
CATO Institute’s Jim Harper Speaks on National ID System

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