What’s good for Arizona & Alaska is good for all of U.S.

Posted: September 9, 2008 in action alert, Alaska, Arizona

Governor Palin and Senator John McCain will not have to contend with the consequences of a Real ID in their home state.  WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US?

Alaska and Arizona constituents had the good sense to stop Real IDs from coming to rob their constituents of their identity keys and of their tax dollars to produce a compromised security system network. Why can’t it be all of us?

It’s time to start calling your friends and enemies in Arizona and tell them, what’s good for them is good enough for the rest of America. NO AMERICAN SHOULD HAVE A REAL ID.

It’s time to ask the strength of national and community organizers who stopped the harm from coming to them to talk some sense into their Republican nominees.

Enough is enough, call Arizona state leaders and Alaska state leaders and tell them Real ID is not good for ANY American citizen.


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