9-11 Truth Recap

Posted: September 12, 2008 in 9-11, Cities, Fabled Enemies, film, truth

BTC – Fun & Games

*DISCLAIMER- Some of the following material meant to entertain may offend the reader and watcher.   The graphic applied use of expletives are not necessarily the views and opinions of BTC.  Watch at your own RISK. –Thanks. BeatTheChip

What were YOU doing on 9-11?  We here at BTC were about town while friends in the 9-11 truth movement were touching base or Ground Zero, if humanly possible, on September 11th, 2008.

If you were out and about I’m sure you might have attended any one of the many metropolitan dives featuring spoken word companioned with songs by rapper Immortal Technique. What an offensive guy. Someone should seriously wash his mouth out with soap.  Watch- you’ll see what I mean.

AUSTIN– Brave New Books drew many 9-11 truthers out to see a lot of “interesting” punk bands at Red 7. There were more mohawks in attendance during this special 9-11 showcase  than the RNC in St. Paul last week.   I couldn’t stay long.  Two alt-radio talk show hosts, Jack Blood & Guymon Adams were about to debut their performance as the Austin Texas Revolutionary All-Stars(ATRAS).  Jack Blood  played 3 originals, breaking between songs to fling bumperstickers into the crowd.  ATRAS succeeded to entertain with a famous Jello Biafra cover where the vocal parts are performed with a bullhorn.  Those gathered were sporting beers and t-shirts proclaiming “inside job”, “google WTC7” and “Buildings Don’t Commit Suicide”.   Gregg Roberts, a 9-11 truth researcher pulled me over after the performance to tell me he contributed to a website that had gotten over 40,ooo hits that day and to seek out his report.

Earlier that evening, the 6th Street Alamo Draft house sponsored a walking singalong of major choruses from the scathingly satirical film, Team America. Film-goers parading with lit sparklers were heard bellowing for blocks, singing the following truly rotten, obnxious chorus:

Amer-i-cuhhh – FUCK YEAH! Lick my butt and suck on my balls!…Freedom is the only wayy yeah!… Amer-i-cuhh -FUCK YEAH!! Here to save the motherfucking day, eeyeah!!”

NYC– Shane Geiger, longtime 9-11 truth activist called me after he had finished a memorial visit to Ground Zero where the Twin Towers once stood.  He has decided to hang out in NY for two months to do more work on the subject.  I admire his devotion to the cause.  Geiger was among those castigated in a report on CNN who provided contrary research to the NIST reports on Building 7’s collapse due to fire.  He was able to air his side of the story last month while filmmaker Jason Bermas was holding down the fort for the Alex Jones show.  Jones was doing remote reporting at the DNC where he confronted the pro-internment author and Fox commentator Michelle Malkin.

Washington, D.C. –  Sander Hicks screened his documentary Horns and Halos, featuring the life and times of an ill-fated author who published J.T. Hatfield who wrote the book, Fortunate Son, released during the 2004 elections.   When I called him everyone had just settled in for the film.  Hicks, editor & publisher – another long time 9-11 truth advocate- held the screening as a demonstration of his work to bring down the twin-towers of hypocrisy, Dick Cheney & George W. Bush.
L.A.– 9-11Truth movement leader Peter Thottam held a candle light memorial followed by a series of speeches commemorating the reason why there is still so much unfinished business 7 years later.  Among the speakers were author of The Creature from Jekyll Island: A second look a the Federal Reserve , David W. Griffin.  After all the talk, silence is what we hear the most from the victims of the 9-11 attacks.
FABLED ENEMIES : 7 years later, begs the question: Where is Bin Laden?
In lieu of those who can’t speak for themselves, and those who have actually benefitted from their deaths, we choose to present, Jason Bermas’ – Fables Enemies, director and producer of the now famous 9-11 documentary Loose Change.

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