The People Speak to CNN about Real ID

Posted: November 3, 2008 in CNN, I-Report, News

Obama may be the the next president, but I seriously doubt he’s the answer to the backsliding trend on an institutional assault on civil liberties.

CNN’s blog Answer to Filtered news, I-Report featured some echoed outrage:

“And finally you ask, how in the world can they enforce such bills on the people as a whole? The answer is the REAL I.D. Act. Your old license will no longer work. You must have the new I.D. and EVERYTHING you do- buy food , gas, even enter your workplace will eventually require a swiping of your I.D. and guess what?; if you’re not clear with the “government”, your ability to dictate the destiny of yourself and your family is taken from you. Our every move will be tracked and documented.”

You’ve heard the term bantered about by “W” early on in his first stanza; I’m stunned at how many people I encounter that have no idea we have an “Axis of Evil” on the horizon right here in our own country. Perhaps the greatest threat to our freedoms and liberties that this nation has seen, The Fairness Doctrine, The Hate Crimes Bill & The REAL I.D. Act ,is poised in the silo and ready to be rained down on ALL of us.

You can do your own individual homework on all three bills and what the embodiment and entailment’s are for each instrument. My goal is to evoke thought on how they will be used in concert to bring about their desired result; to enslave and silence the masses.

To the average American, it’s virtually unfathomable to comprehend that our great nation could actually become a communist, police-controlled state much like those that have existed and fallen throughout history. The truth is, we’re closer than we might think.

How can these three things be used to oppress a nation you ask? Well, there are many scenarios, but here’s one to chew on:

1/. Can you imagine a government that has the power to force media outlets with a fixed-format of say conservative or Christian or independent or even an anti-government agenda to give equal time to an opposing view or lose their license to broadcast? Well that’s exactly what the Fairness Doctrine will be evoked to do. Even though it’s been around and was in place for years, it’s potential use as a tool to quell opposition in today’s unstable political climate has become ever more popular. What will ultimately happen is that voices and view points will be silenced and stations will drop those programs in question or cease to exist all together. The bill is also called the “Hush Rush(Limbaugh)” doctrine coined by those that despise Republican/Conservative/Christian and/or opposing voices in the media. I don’t care for Rush myself, but I clearly understand the ramifications of giving this type of power to ANY entity to silence speech in this country PERIOD! Before any of us endorses a doctrine that gives the power for a few to dictate what’s “fair” for the masses- keep this in mind: it will eventually be YOUR voice that’s silenced as well. In time, THEY WILL TURN ON YOU TOO.

2/. So how will the governing body decide which content is deemed acceptable and what’s subject to “scrutiny” and “review?” In comes the Hate Crimes Bill. The bill gives local law entities wide ranging powers that, in essence, allows the government to tell YOU, your organization, council, media outlet, church, and anything with a voice what they will tolerate and what they will not. For example, you will notice that your church, etc. no longer tackles any subjects that perhaps involve criticism of the government or political issues, lifestyles, moral situations, etc. The heavy hand of the “law” will pay a visit to your pastor, priest, etc., with a list of “acceptable” topics and any violation will result in their loss of 501c tax-exempt status. This will, in-time, lead to the pressuring of ALL religious denominations to preach ONE doctrine acceptable to our “governing leaders.” Or, say you vote the Dems in here in 08 and by 2010 you realize this is a disaster and ask yourself, “what have we done.?” You may find out your blogs have been censored and you have no outlet to challenge your “leaders” any longer. Suddenly, it’s not just hush Rush any more but everybody hush- PERIOD! Last month in Missouri , the largest prosecutors in the state and many local law officials joined forces in what was called a “truth squad” and threatened to prosecute anyone THEY deemed was speaking “untruths” about Obama and his campaign. Talk about a peek into our future!

3/. And finally you ask, how in the world can they enforce such bills on the people as a whole? The answer is the REAL I.D. Act. Your old license will no longer work. You must have the new I.D. and EVERYTHING you do- buy food , gas, even enter your workplace will eventually require a swiping of your I.D. and guess what?; if you’re not clear with the “government”, your ability to dictate the destiny of yourself and your family is taken from you. Our every move will be tracked and documented. Think that’s ridiculous? Just last week a bill to allow the IRS to track ALL credit and debit card purchases RIGHT NOW slid right under the radar. Both McCain and Obama support the REAL I.D., but it’s the far-left that’s salivating over all three issues together. Unless circumstances change, it will begin to be implemented in early 2010. Imagine you go to the store or to work and swipe your I.D. and are told it was denied and are prompted to call an “agency.” Upon calling, they tell you they’ve been tracking your expenditures and have determined that you’ve been buying materials and/or visiting establishments that are not “cleared” by government guidelines or your taxes are not paid and you cannot return to work. Who knows what means they may use at this point after the passing of these bills. No country ever thinks this can happen to them but history proves it absolutely can and does. America is no longer immune to this evil.

I say the following on the premise that Obama will ultimately prevail in next week’s election: You may think because you are a liberal and you support the Democrats and “change” that somehow this scenario doesn’t or will not effect you; think again. Just ask those that live in or have survived communist and/or socialist regimes. They voted with fervor and the next thing they knew they were enslaved. That’s what evil strives to do; CONSUME EVERYONE starting with those in power over many.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ever heard that before? The body is like a coat on a rack; it’s useless without a life-force inside it. No matter how well a person speaks or appears to be on the outside, it’s what’s inside that controls the human vehicle that our spirit lives in. People can appear to be good, but in truth, be very dark and sinister in nature. Jesus said, “Nothing outside a man can make him ‘unclean’ by going into him. Rather, it is what comes out of a man that makes him ‘unclean.’ “

The truth is both candidates and both parties that are again asking us to give them control of our country and future have demonstrated that they are willing to lie, steal, and by any means necessary, achieve power for their political agenda. The thought of Obama, Pelosi and Reid having control should make ALL Americans shudder. They will relentlessly enforce the 3 bills and doctrines and anything short of civil war will be futile in reversing it. In the not too distant future, you and I could go to jail for making statements like these. They already tried to sneak the Hate Crimes bill on the tail end of the failed immigration amnesty bill last year and Hillary Clinton was heard saying,” We HAVE to do something about these talk radio people” after guys like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage shut down the Pentagon phone lines after finding out about the attempt to pass this bill and prompted their callers to protest. Reid has promised that these bills are alive and well and will eventually become law.

Think about how they treated this recent bailout as well. They slithered in the grass in the dark of night when people were sleeping and we woke up to find we were being fleeced out of nearly a trillion $$$ Then after 85% of American citizens stated they were opposed to the bailout, they passed it again anyway. Folks, 2008 can be remembered as the year our government and the media turned on the American people.

The bottom line: Say this scenario did come to pass and ALL of us were subject to this evil; what would you do? The answer is NOTHING. Who could you call? You would be jailed for speaking out and you wouldn’t be able to challenge a thing the government forces on you. How bad can it get here? Nobody really knows. However, we have models to gauge what’s possible like Stalin: 20 million dead-10 million deported. Scary isn’t it?

God will allow you to have the king you want America, but remember, you’ve been warned! Socialism and Communism is knocking on the door. Will you answer???

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