Texas Capitol Intelligence Consultant Contracted by DPS

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Department of Public Safety, surveillance, Texas Real ID Budget and Extension

The Department of Public Safety contracted research firm Deloitte & Touche to move forward “intelligence driven …protective counter-surveillance on the Governor’s protection detail, the Lieutenant Governor, visiting dignitaries, the State Capital and Governor’s Mansion,” as reported in Scott Henson’s blog, Grits for Breakfast.


DPS research contracts with Deloitte & Touche were mentioned last during the DPS hearing in surmising budgetary costs for implementing Real ID accounts and moving forward with continental U.S. inspections of licenses with consideration of citizenship.

DPS reorganization and budgets based on federal license regulations were part of the analysis propelling studies & reports generated by Deloitte and Touche.


The report calls for rebuilding DPS from top to bottom. A spokesperson said we should not expect changes overnight. “Some of the things that the study recommends are going to require legislative action, some of them are going to require additional financial resources,” said Mange.


DPS as a state agency is still under review for changes and improvements based on the oversight by Texas’s Sunset Commission.

Read the Sunset Commission’s review of the DPS here:


  1. James says:

    We need to stamp out this thing… for the scope of bureaucracy it will add to Texas liberty is unimaginable, alone, without the added baggage of being untimely and tinged with racial rhetoric.

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