TX LATELY: Voter ID Strikes Again

Posted: February 6, 2009 in elections, identification, Texas, voter fraud

“Frustrated by the failure of legislation requiring voters to show photo identification — touted as an anti-fraud measure — Texas senators abandoned tradition to put the voter ID bill at the head of the line. Never mind that there is little evidence that even small numbers of people are impersonating voters at the polls. Indeed, an expensive investigation by the attorney general’s office found a relative handful of cases of voter fraud, and those cases involved ballots that were cast by mail — not in person.” –  The Austin American Statesman

It looks like Voter ID is wreaking havock in Texas.  I’m simply at a loss for words since Texas KAOS said it all really.  I am relieved  voter ID isn’t married to Real ID, but that doesn’t make it any less awful, redundant… Voter ID is not going to get the stink off for voter disenfranchisement.
Constituents go to the phones…..
WAKING UP ORWELL  KOOP.org – 91.7 FM  Austin  2/12 – Artivist Film Festival 
5-11 Campaign Meeting  2/15  @ Brave New Books   Austin 
We Are Change Meeting  2/21 @ Brave New Books  Austin 

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