BAD NEWS: 2.2 Billion in Federal Real ID Funds

Posted: February 16, 2009 in FEMA, grants, Real ID Act of 2005


Provides grant support. $2.2 billion in support, primarily in the form of grants, to the Department’s State and local partners in homeland security. The Budget continues to emphasize programs that distribute grant awards on the basis of risk, and this year introduces a grant program to help States implement Real ID requirements and provide a more efficient, merit-based allocation of limited resources.

Merit based?  Does that mean if our State government is “good” then we get the facist financial cookie?  

It’s time to check out New Hampshire’s federal “reality” bill.  I, for one, have had more than enough of the hard power tactics and am ready for some change with bonafides vs. globalist lip service.  Thanks for the tip off  from AND I STILL RISE.
Not like I’m into Glenn Beck, but here’s some news on this:
Here’s  Steven Colbert, a favorite, on Glenn Beck.

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