Brave New Books Appearance with K. Albrecht

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Katherine Albrecht, RFID, speakers

Katherine Albrecht,
Reception, Panel & Book Signing


Brave New Bookstore
1904 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78751

A Central Texas Public Advocacy Forum on RFID Awareness

Featuring privacy expert and author, Katherine Albrecht

Sposored in part by Brave New Bookstore, The 5-11 Campaign, CETI, Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance, Truth Seekers South Austin, Freedom School Alliance

6:00 PM – Doors on Event
7:00 PM – Introductions &
Central Texas Public Advocacy Panel

Emcee: Randall Mach, Truth Seekers South Austin

Brief advocacy speeches on the dangerous proliferation of RFID microchip technologies as identity, followed by public input
question & answer.

8:30 PM – SPYCHIPS Book signing with Author K. Albrecht.

Special Thanks Catherine Allen of CETI for sponsoring travel accomodations for Ms. Albrecht.

LIVE REMOTE WITH DJ Debra Stevens, Charlotte Brown & George Butler

Broadcast Sponsored by 
90.1 FM, Freedom Underground Radio,
Rule of Law Radio &
GCN Communications


Katherine Albrecht ; Director of CASPIAN Consumer Privacy
(Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering), an 18,000-member grass-roots organization she founded in 1999 to oppose consumer surveillance informing decision makers, universities, civic leaders, and trade groups across the U.S. about technological threats to our freedoms.

Sheila Dean : Grassroots Advocate for the 5-11 Campaign, Texans Against Real IDs – A public policy, legal reform, and media advocate leading Texas opposition against the Real ID Act. Read her blog: Visit

Judith McGeary: Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance – An attorney and advocate against the use of microchipping mandated for farm animals. She and her husband also run a small organic farm, with horses, cow, sheep, and poultry, based on the principles of holistic resource management.

Lisa Cappoletta: CETI, San Marcos – Leader in the fight to restore sanity to animal indentification without the mandatory use of microchip technologies in pets in the City of San Marcos, TX.

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