Posted: March 16, 2009 in Identix, protests, Round Rock

Special Thanks to Erica Grignon, for her time and effort to promote her liberty candidacy and leadership in Round Rock/Pflugerville.

The Identix Protest has been cancelled. It was in fact the correct L-1 subsidiaries vendor. However, we need to announce that the shop is so small, that it’s a home based business. Apparently, the biometrics industry in Texas is not all that happening; at least where the federal vendor is concerned.

It was hard news for all the spending and planning. People took off from work, set aside time and drove over an hour to be in the remote area of Round Rock. For salt: Identix did get a knock on the door from the 5-11 Campaign to let them know we oppose what they are doing for a living.

The homewoner, whose name will stay omitted for privacy, was accompanied by a wife, kids and household pet. It was a very domestic situation. We felt pretty bad for them. Everyone has a right to privacy. Unfortunately, that also includes biometrics salespeople.

Irony of ironies:

We left a sign in the neighorhood on a federal mailbox that read :

“Protest Cancelled Due to Privacy Concerns – Thanks, The 5-11 Campaign”

  1. ericagri says:

    Thanks! I am so sorry the protest didnt’ work out. Thanks so much for inviting me to come and speak. Erica Grignon

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