BTC DIGEST: TX DHS Conference, Bailout Questioned and RFID news

Posted: March 22, 2009 in Department of Public Safety, DHS, Ohio, Real ID, Texas Real ID Budget and Extension, tsa


Forums and discussions of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s incremental plan for information nexus accounts will take place Tuesday and Thursday during the Texas Homeland Security Conference in San Antonio.


BTC FISCAL REPORT – The Texas appropriations notes to move forward database regulation fulfillments are non-existent according to sources at the Texas capitol. However, concerns voiced about resources available from the federal bailout increase the demand for government accountability. Amid the AIG debacle reports have unearthed that bailout finance has serviced ailing banks outside of the U.S. We will keep you updated on any fiscal movement toward DHS finance.

USA TODAY: More Gate Searches for Flyers; TSA

WASHINGTON — A new, more aggressive effort by airport screeners aims to halt randomly selected passengers for a security check just before they step onto their departing plane, according to a government memo obtained by USA TODAY.

Scores of passengers have already been pulled aside for searches as they waited in line at airport gates for boarding calls. Each of the passengers had already passed through security checkpoints when a uniformed Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer asked them to step out of line to check their IDs or search their carry-on bags.

Passengers can be selected at random or for suspicious behavior, according to a TSA memo dated last Thursday. The program primarily targets riskier flights, according to the memo, which doesn’t specify how flights are singled out.

The TSA says it has done occasional checks of passengers at airport gates and that the new stepped-up effort has nothing to do with any particular threat. Rather, the effort is focused on the notion that mixing up tactics makes it harder for terrorists to monitor how security works, said TSA spokesman Greg Soule.

OHIO Organizes Against Real ID with the Ohio Freedom Alliance ….
Check out their action forum here.

Canada Next to Suffer Under RFID Enhanced Drivers Licenses c/o RFID News

Canada’s Province of Quebec has unveiled its Enhanced Driver’s License. The license, which includes both a bar code and an embedded RFID chip, is approved for use as a passport alternative in crossing the U.S. land border.

The enhanced license will cost Quebecers $40 (Canadian) more than a standard license. Provincial officials believe it will be useful for residents who live near the U.S. border and cross it frequently, eliminating the need to carry a passport on a daily basis.

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