OP/ED: Repealing Real ID IS the right thing to do.

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Extenstion deadline, Janet Napolitano, Real ID, Washington Times

ATTN: Those opposed to the Real ID

“Even though more than 30 states are moving to satisfy those requirements and even though she has the authority to give the remaining states additional time to do so, the former governor of Arizona apparently is OK with once again giving terrorists a pass to gain access to our airplanes, government facilities, banks, etc.”  – Frank Gaffeney

Bar none, repealing Real ID is the right thing to do. 
by Sheila Dean 

The Department of Homeland Security, by reputation is no friend of We The People and our Constitutional entitlements, but they did finally get something right.  They threw up their hands when 30+ U.S. states said NO to the Real ID Act of 2005’s regulations and were corralled into a repeal of this terrible legislation. 

Be on your toes, the Heritage Foundation and Frank “Gaffe”ney, news parrot of the Center of Security Policy, are twisting the facts for a fearmongering knock against hard won progress by The People over Real ID’s tyrannical posture. 

Gaffney alludes to the same number of states [30] who have flatly denied Real ID to move forward in their state, regardless of extension deadline or DHS grant status. U.S. State governments and citizens alike went out of their way to push back against this.

In this Washington Post account, Mark Gaffney is abusing his objective stance as a major news contributor to further agendas set by the Heritage Foundation, a funded foundry for GLOBALISTS, whose ballpark future for all of us include an eventual subcutaneous microchip for their convenience.

Gaffney’s complete quote is as follows:

Ms. Napolitano has her way, the Uigars will be able to get Virginia driver’s licenses – like 13 of the 21 Sept. 11 terrorists – as she says she intends to repeal the Real ID Act. That statute, which requires (among other things) that the 50 states meet a high standard for issuing driver’s licenses, was adopted belatedly on the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission. The commissioners emphasized that fraudulently obtained identity documents are “weapons” in the hands of our enemies 


The secretary’s helpmate in repealing the Real ID Act is Sen. Daniel K. Akaka, Hawaii Democrat. He is expected shortly to introduce a substitute dubbed the Pass ID Act. That title certainly is appropriate insofar as the draft bill seemingly would allow virtually anyone – including Guantanamo detainees, illegal alien employees of international organizations and a class called “other nonimmigrant aliens who are authorized to remain in the United States for an indefinite period” – to be eligible for temporary driver’s licenses or other IDs.


Ms. Napolitano seems to want political cover for eviscerating the statute’s eminently sensible and much-needed requirements with respect to driver’s licenses. Even though more than 30 states are moving to satisfy those requirements and even though she has the authority to give the remaining states additional time to do so, the former governor of Arizona apparently is OK with once again giving terrorists a pass to gain access to our airplanes, government facilities, banks, etc.

You can clearly see how twisted this is.  Someone needs to call the Washington Times and complain about Gaffney’s fact errors.  30+ states are moving AGAINST the Real ID Act regardless of the pretense of extension status. The State of Arizona is not “OK” with terrorists boarding airplanes, entering federal facilities, or any other random official purpose that would have been determined by DHS in the Real ID Act.  Furthermore, former Arizona Senator Karen Johnson can confirm why Arizona hates the Real ID Act and how they had to struggle with Napolitano, just like we did, to get it to stopped in our states.  The Washington Times is irresponsible as a press outlet to allow this NSA whiner to print this in their paper. 


The Uigurs he cites in this article are Chinese muslims, some of whom federal judges determined were wrongfully detained at Guantanamo Bay and tortured. While it has been determined they are innocent, they have not yet been released into U.S. mainland custody.  The 9-11 terrorist attackers all had legal work visa granted by U.S. immigration.  They went through legal due process to obtain licenses to drive here in this country.  They were LEGAL immigrants here on temporary work visas.

The general direction of this piece is a slam at Rep. Akaka’s PASS Act, which, in our community, the jury remains out on because The Real ID Act has not yet been repealed.  Although, it may be time to give it expeditious research, examination and consideration based on their push against it.  It could also be reverse psychology dumped into the press.  The PASS Act needs a careful second look after all we have been through to stop Real ID.

As unsavory as it may sound initially, we should extend some terms of affirmation to DHS and Secretary Napolitano for “doing the right thing” when it came time to repeal the federal Real ID Act.   We don’t want them to go back on this and start this whole nightmare all over again.

Additionally, we need to continue to expose people like Gaffney and the Heritage Foundation for their role in globalized identity gridding and its close relationship to eugenics.

Real ID may be officially on it’s way out, but we have a longer road to travel to make sure it will not continue as TWIC cards, Enhanced Drivers Licenses, Border Speed pass cards and in the centralization of our sensitive personal information into one vulnerable place for all of us.

Please respond to Gaffney, The Heritage Foundation,  the Washington Times on how they have vastly miscalculated public opposition as Real IDs cause of demise and thank Secretary Napolitano for agreeing to repeal this dangerous form of identity.


Sheila Dean 
Blog Editor, for BeatTheChip 
President of The 5-11 Campaign


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