Kokesh on the Rise gets the Real ID Ask

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Congress, Ron Paul


A Letter from The Editor

In the near future you may be hearing from more Congressional and national candidates stumping it about privacy.

There is something to T.M. I. – Too much information. Unwanted attention. That unnerving idea that you are being monitored and you don’t even have the benefits of being a public official. While it’s flattering that someone cares that you might say the word “bomb” more than once in daily conversation, you might have only been using late 90’s vernacular to describe Mos Def’s new album dropping. While everyone else in your neighborhood is trying to be better than you, the girl at the snack bar shows you how much of a nobody you are, and the guy ahead of you doesn’t care enough to flush – you still get echoes and crackling on your cell due to government intrusion.

This is the nature of government waste.

BeatTheChip is a living chronicle of news based on the U.S. government’s obsession with making American dregs their personal reality television programming. Over the summer we plan on bringing you more coverage of national agencies who are perversely fixated on the American public’s private beings and doings. It’s shameless and wierd – you can start with an Ixquick search on Artificial Telepathy and Remote Viewing. The government could be defending the defenseless and instead they are blowing whatever’s left of the public funding on DARPA and Total Information Awareness. So be on the lookout for BeatTheChip’s cost analysis of what is being spent to watch you shop, wash clothes and fart in bed if you choose to do more than write an e-letter to your State Senator: Beat The Chip’s Top 10 Domestic Surveillance Agencies in America and what it really costs you.

While the ATF really wishes we would burn something down, we are more apt to just leave a flaming bag of dog dump on the Governor’s doorstep. That’s who we are and that’s why we write; because we don’t have the YES Men’s budget or legal defense team.

Yours truly,

Sheila Dean


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