HAPPY 4th of July from BeatTheChip

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Mark Sanford, Stop Real ID Coalition, The PASS Act

BTC- Humor in Action

There’s no slowdown really in Washington to stop the move to keep Real ID in place in their own way.   Even if the Senate IS in recess the Stop Real ID Coalition made sure the work is waiting up for you Monday. [Mark Lerner insists that the folks who want Real ID in D.C. don’t sleep. It must be all that great commandeered coke that gets passed out from the DEA raids…]

We HAVE to call all those Senators to say “Ney” on the PASS Act.  ESPECIALLY, Senator JOE LIBERMAN… ESPECIALLY JOE LIBERMAN!!

What else did we miss? Well we missed this explosive musical date in Wisconsin.
FaultLineEmpires (@ Points East Pub Aug. 1st!))
5/10/2009 8:00 PM at THE ANNEX : Madison, Wisconsin 53704
w/ The Cemetery Improvement Society, 
The Real ID Act, Guzzlemug, & The Rogue Dolls

Also not to be overlooked, but what we WISHED we had missed is Governor Sanford’s persistence of smarm flying in the face of Real [ID] work. Dude, we tried to bring his points up, but this guy INSISTS on doing more interviews.   

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