Answering the call for Sanford’s resignation

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Impeachment, Mark Sanford, politics, Real ID, Republicans

From TPM

The momentum is building for a potential impeachment of Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC), the Palmetto Scoop reports, with 60 House Republicans signing a letter calling on him to resign.

“Your decision to abandon our state for five days, with no defined order of succession and with no known way to contact you, is inexcusable,” the letter says, later adding: “But perhaps even more disturbing than the abandonment of your post and the multiple ethics allegations against you is the extreme amount of stress, uncertainty, an negative scrutiny that the citizens of South Carolina, our government and our party have had to endure due to your behavior.”

BTC Commentary
As I was travelling yesterday I had a very sad moment of reflection about the loss the Liberty movement would suffer if Mark Sanford were to lose his chair. Fortunately, my racist super friend The Southern Avenger covered the motivation behind the magnanimous push for Governor Sanford’s impeachment. Thus, proving “once again” South Carolina really says it best when it comes to their government. I don’t get to pick my heroes moral flaws.

When South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admitted his infidelity, many in the GOP establishment at both the state and national level were happy to witness the possible downfall of a prominent conservative who made them look bad by comparison.


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