Posted: December 18, 2009 in CODIS, database state, DNA, national ID, surveillance, UK. identity, Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

c/o NO2ID

“ID cards? They’re already dead.” – “Oh no they’re not!”

[BTC – No2ID keeps us from going absolutely crazy with speculation about national ID cards as globalist agenda item.]

One of the dangers once you start winning the battle for public opinion is that people think it’s game over already. Don’t believe it for a minute – the ID scheme is NOT dead. Nor are ContactPoint or e-Borders. There are still a million innocent people on the DNA database, with more being added every week. Comms data, travel info, medical records, car
tracking, vetting and barring, profiling – despite all rumours and spin to the contrary, the database state rolls on.

The next several months are particularly risky. Even more so if people think we’ve already won.

Whitehall is doing what it can to entrench database state programmes and initiatives – making them as difficult as possible for a new government to scrap, roll back or disentangle. It won’t often be as blatant as the latest push to upload millions of people’s medical details onto the NHS Spine (newsletter 137) so we must be more vigilant than ever.

NO2ID has always been about informing yourself and informing others. Campaigning is not just about hitting the headlines, it’s about engaging people where they live. You only have to look at the local groups section of each newsletter to see the phenomenal work that groups are doing – week in, week out helping spread the word, shift attitudes and
build opposition all over the UK.

A huge thank you to everyone who gives so generously of their time and energy, working with a local group. And special thanks to NO2ID’s local and regional coordinators – we couldn’t do it without you.

As 2009 draws to a close, I wish you and your families a peaceful, surveillance-free Christmas – and here’s hoping 2010 will prove to be a good year for privacy and freedom!

Phil Booth
National Coordinator, NO2ID

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