NO2ID: Summary Care Records ‘Release 2’ details revealed

Posted: May 6, 2010 in data surveillance, electronic health records, options


Documents obtained by Hampshire GP, Dr Neil Bhatia under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act reveal plans for Release 2 information (non GP information) to be uploaded to NHS computerised Summary Care Records(SCR). When you attend a hospital, specialist clinic or out-of-hours
surgery or clinic, details of your attendance can be uploaded to your Summary Care Record.

This is termed “SCR Release 2 information”, and will be uploaded in addition to your GP Summary. The FOI documents reveal that it will be possible for non-GP care settings (such as A & E and outpatient departments) to create a record, not just to add to one created in general practice. The uploading of Release 2 information has not yet begun but the documents raise serious concerns about the levels of consent that are planned for uploading medical records into centralised databases. The best advice is to opt-out now if you don’t want any data uploaded to your SCR. Do not wait until the SCR goes live in your area – it might be too late then as you might have Release 2
information about yourself already uploaded.

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Dr Bhatia’s website is at

Links to opt-out forms:

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