Immigration and a nation asserting their narratives

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Border issues Real Id DHS

BTC –  There is an air of assertiveness as the word “bully” is being tossed around when it comes to the story of political identity and asserting a narrative.  Citizens engaged in activism in their off duties are now suffering on-the-job bullying for their political pursuits.  Bill Maher sought to turn tables asking Republicans for their citizenship papers for a change juxtaposing the UK’s turn against national ID cards.

As thinkers consider more immigration solutions,  the Obama administration is enacting a plan to secure the borders by deploying the National Guard.  Meanwhile Senator Joe Liberman calls the border fence “a failure”.   And a failure it is; as CIR reports on SBI net and the ISIS program :

We found locations where no equipment had been delivered and no work was underway for as long as two years after issuance of the task orders. In other locations, equipment had been delivered but not installed, or had been installed but was not operational, with cameras and other equipment not functioning or having continuing reliability problems. We found parts laying on the desert floor and in storage adjacent to border patrol property. We also found that the contractor ordered and billed the government for equipment that sat in warehouses sometimes for years.

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