Delaware DMV unveils new secure ID cards

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Delaware, federal government, national ID Real ID

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Dover, Del. —Starting July 1, Delaware’s blue and gold drivers’ licenses will change from simple cards with basic information to high-tech pieces of plastic designed to be more secure and harder to forge than anything that’s come before.

The new identification cards are designed to comply with federal regulations formulated in the wake of the September 11 attacks and crafted to unify procedures and security measures that vary greatly from state to state.

Beginning in 2014, only identification cards designed to the federal standards will be accepted when boarding an airplane or entering a federal building, though no one will be forced to obtain a federally compliant ID.

Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles Director Jennifer Cohan said the First State has been able to move quickly and get a jump on the federal mandates, unlike larger states that remain mired in logistical problems.

“Delaware is in a fortunate spot; we’re a small state,” she said. “We received $1 million from the federal government and we have a whole new computer system.”

To get a new ID, citizens must produce more detailed documentation than before to verify their identities and prove their citizenship.

Before issuing an ID, staff at the DMV will need to see an original birth certificate or valid passport, as well as an original social security card and a recent piece of mail received at a current in-state address.

Even though producing more detailed documentation can mean a bit more hassle for residents, Cohan said the new computer systems would make renewing an ID easier in the future.  :::MORE HERE:::

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