9-11 Truther detained for questioning officer’s identity

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Bill of Rights, dissent, resistance, sedition

He was detained in the hall after asking to see the officers’ ID cards before he left the building. They are required according to their own manual to provide ID upon request, but apparently don’t like to be asked for it. When the supervising officer ordered Bruno to turn around and put his hands behind his back, Bruno instantly turned around and put his hands behind his back with absolutely no resistance.

This story was forwarded to me from Tim Biancalana, musician and friend.  9-11 Truthers have long been in the intelligence crosshairs for questioning the events surrounding the September 11th bombings in America.  Everyone has a post 9-11 story.   Some people got more involved in securing our nation.  Others embarked on a seemingly endless quest to uncover esoteric truth in efforts to mitigate individual accountabilities for the direction our country pursued into the Iraq-Afghanistan oil and drug wars.  

This story is about an activist who may have unwisely provoked criminal justice authorities, but it is also an illustration of our freedom to non-violently and legally challenge authority on the basis of our Bill of Rights.  9-11 Truthers have been labeled, among other things, conspiracy theorists.  Obama appointed Cass Sunstein to put together a task force of special emphasis on those who continually question the government sprawl into fascism and human rights violations with their unproven guesswork.  The point is in asking who makes you more uncomfortable: the hystrionic error prone propagandists or the executive government with a task force employed to silence them as noisy targets with your tax dollars?  You can get annoyed and decide to opt out of only one of the two.

Someone asked me yesterday about my history with 9-11 Truth.  I explained: regardless of whether or not the government was “behind 9-11” – the outcomes for our nation are exactly the same: we subsidize torture, rendition, continuous denial of due process, the subversion of Habeas Corpus and sedition,  human rights violations (including experimentation), pre-emptive war, established exceptionalism as the new standard to conserve the erosions of basic civil rights and civil liberty, bankruptcy, and multinational corporate sociopathy emerging as untouchable power over US and International ethics and rule of law.  All of these things were successively exposed from the populist plumblines surrounding the 9-11 Truth movement.  My other point is if you have the intestinal fortitude to explore dystopian theory, then you might have enough to be a serial resister to totalitarian government. 

I don’t stand with 9-11 Truth because I love their tinfoil hats.  I stand with them for their right to wear a hat which, however flimsy, has the mettle to defy authoritarian conventions established to dominate their right to question criminal acts of governance.   

-Sheila M. Dean

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