Real ID in headlines, Florida, Delaware

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Delaware, Florida, national ID Real ID, S.1261

Real ID Act stymies drivers

“Although the Real ID Act is the law of the land, opposition is building in Congress. HR 3471 and S 1261 each call for repeal of the Real ID Act.

Today, the Real ID Act is still the law. Florida and a dozen other states have adopted it. They are in a minority as the rest of the states have prohibited it or, are considering such action.”

*BTC -S 1261 is the PASS Act  – or the Real ID Act with the strict edges knocked off.  Most of the data surveillance structures stay intact.  HR 3471 is Rep. Cohen’s bill which repeals Real ID and replaces it with a negotiated rulemaking process.

Long lines afflicting Delaware DMV’s, delays
“There are only a small handful of state lawmakers who remember the late 1960s, when the General Assembly raised the cost of a license tag by 50 percent — and irate drivers promptly voted a bunch of them out of office that November.

Two to three hours of waiting at the DMV is unacceptable and a misuse of government facilities. Fix it fast. Remember the 1960s.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    2 trips to the DMV and hours in line, and no license or ID !

  2. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU for this Website. In Delaware, lines are out the door with SHEEP bringing the corrupt government "workers" all their personal information. I find this Most Troubling that we would readily give up our right to privacy this freely. I will NOT comply. EVER!!BTW, last week in Las Vegas, at the electronics Convention, "DEFCON", a hacker proved that he could read RFID's from 700 feet away. see

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