Real ID: when it won’t stay dead

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Real ID Act

BTC – Reports came in last week, some in the form of neo-conservative opinion editorial, that States “must adopt secure drivers licenses”in accordance with the Real ID Act.   What is “secure” to one group is a standardized population control tool by another, especially when it comes to Real ID.  We’ve been here before.

Secure license groups are a constituency,  just like people who have increased their vigilance over their 4th and 14th Amendment rights.  The groups don’t go away even if legislation, like the PASS Act does.

Over the years (starting in 2005) and since the ’08 release of some rather odious regulations in the views of privacy and civil liberty advocates – not much has changed.  DHS throws money annually at an incremental program and States refuse it or face the fate of states like Florida ( also fighting in their own way).  Indiana, strangely enough, got some strokes from for taking in Real ID wholesale.  Even Wisconsin, the native state of the law’s sponsor, Rep. Sensenbrenner, came out against it.

Some claim it’s immigration – but that argument usually gets hit by the bus of US citizenship.  If you want to identify undocumented aliens, you don’t over identify Americans.  You offer them a worker card program and cut a deal with Latin America and Canada over who gets to work here.

Other states who have found some reason to turn the federal law down have inspired some to say that’s Tenth Amendment nullification at work.


I think this new uptick in trying to forge ahead with Real ID comes from a DHS appropriations bill.  Contractor cronies and their astroturf supporters, like Secured Drivers License Coalition, are trying like Dr. Frankenstein to jolt monetized life into a dead legislation.

 [Yes,  it’s still dead.  It’s just an undead zombie menace which needs to be ambushed by it’s opponents, hacked to pieces and set on fire.]

It’s not like genuine grassroots groups accept that as a great excuse to lay down their rights and just take their nice citizenship cards regulated by the American Stasi politiburo.. uh, I mean DHS or the police.  Well, same difference… it’s all the same people at the top of the supply chain anyway.

Let’s have some fun with it.


Real ID, persistent zombie that it is, keeps climbing up out of the grave until a successive beat down commences. You should have a proper libation to soothe your frustrations for convincing feds that Real ID needs to be be-headed.

How to make a Real ID Zombie cocktail 

1 tsp sugar

2 oz light rum

1 oz dark rum

5 fruit loops – representing artificial DHS floaties trying to keep Real ID alive
1 really nasty ragged-out paper umbrella

Blend all ingredients with ice except Bacardi 151 proof rum. Pour into a collins glass. Float Bacardi 151 proof rum on top. Garnish with fruit loops, umbrella and some barfruit .

Great – now, get ready to play attack of the paper zombies.  While you’re waiting for that to download you should sponsor a Jaguar to escort the undead to their proper resting place.   Next – send a special note to your Congress person telling them to repeal Real ID …again…because it won’t stay dead unless they do.

It’s time for Real ID to get dead again.

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