US laws against public surveillance…exist!

Posted: September 16, 2010 in data surveillance, laws, location surveillance, warrentless wiretapping

And they are enforceable!

BTC –  With the sheer volume of reporting I read daily about the loss of privacy sandwiched between the private and business sectors, it’s beginning to seem more like an invisible electronic cage than a free society.  When you fold in governments continuous legal bids for powerful technologies to surveill the public this might amplify your clipped and cagey responses on social media.

It happens at every level of public life. Corporate competitors spy on each other.  Political opponents spy on each other.  Family members spy on each other. Nosey degenerates who are bored spy on each other.      Why not?

Before I completely lose my mind, I have to be reminded that the only thing standing in the way of chaotic super surveillance societies …are laws. Privacy and technology laws do exist.  How up to date and effective these laws are will be an ongoing matter of “legal upgrades” and interpretation.

With so much up in the air I wonder – how any product marketed to the general public to surveill anyone for ~$60.00 can be legal.  You can post a digital camera anywhere.  If the government is prohibited from watching us, what stops creepy political opponents, frenemies or power trippers from getting a hold of your digital information to try to hurt you and your life?

Let’s look at the one case of a Google engineer who lost his way, and so the tale is told according to Tech Eye…

“Remember that 27 year old ex Google engineer, David Barksdale, who’s allegedly been hassling minors, not miners, with cyber-stalking and snooping? The great and mighty ‘Ogle fired him, but here’s exactly how he’s in trouble according to federal law in the US.”

There simply isn’t anything in the Constitution that protects someone’s perceived right to super surveill another’s private actions.

However, there are people who have forgotten how to care about things like laws or privacy, like the makers of digital “cookies for cars”, BUMP!

 [Did we ever mention how many of us hate it when the government wants to automatically run our license plates?]

For the record, the people who invented BUMP!’s ability to text a license plate are probably sponsors of the Darwin Awards. Combining the experience of texting and driving [illegal already in California] is a way to harm yourself.

Wait until someone registers you without your knowing, like your insurance agency or that creepy guy from statistics class.  See?  

That’s why you need privacy laws.

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