US-UK moves forward against national identity documents

Posted: September 16, 2010 in national ID Real ID, U.K. identity

BTC – Pennsylvania state activist Aaron Bollenger reports that an amended version of an anti-Real ID bill cleared committee and is moving toward the House. While this is good news for privacy and identity advocates, those most concerned cannot sigh relief for such a long way to go.

“Session is short – make some calls! If you know others in PA, please pass the word and contact me if anyone needs help with telephone speeches to key members,” said Bollenger, who is urging those involved in Pennsylvania State government to move this by next week before opportunity is lost.

Other concerns lie in wait. According to PA ACLU Legislative Director, Andy Hoover, the bill may face a veto if it reaches his desk. If so, activists like Jim Compton won’t be giving up the search for the 2/3rd’s vote necessary to override the bill.

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Illinois Petitions against funding Real ID:

According to C4L Organizer, Heather Danielowski

“Legislative support of Real ID comes from representatives of both political parties currently holding office at our state capitol. The party in power in Springfield will do anything to please the establishment in D.C., and the minority party is torn on the issue, as it was the Republicans in D.C. who originally passed the bill to begin with. As is the norm in Illinois, we cannot take for granted that either party will stand up for our rights! This battle can be won – but only if citizens all over the state actively participate.”

READ: Illinois Petition here.

UK Legislation to stop ID cards passes Commons

“And so ID cards finish their passage in the Commons. It was an historic day – and full credit to Liberty and the NO2ID card campaigns who along with Liberal Democrats and Conservatives stood up for civil liberty and freedom.” 

Related News:  NO2ID “ID cards may be gone – but ‘ID checks’ are out of control”


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