The hidden meaning of the O’Donnell “witch project”

Posted: October 5, 2010 in People Traps

By Sheila Dean

I doubt in years to come conservative women will remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard Christine O’Donnell, Tea Party Republican hopeful for the Delaware Senate seat, had “dabbled in witchcraft”. There are as many reasons why it wouldn’t rattle cages of American conservative women, as much as it would.

My first offering is that while many American conservative women are Christian, very few exhibit “spirituality” in the baited catfights they routinely engage in amongst themselves. They are simply way too obsessed with the political climb. To be sober, Christianity gets leveled to interpretive art for sociopathic pundits like Karl Rove who believe themselves to be God.

Conservative Christians have been elected before. A lot of them voted in favor of spending us into the national hell of eternal debt. Our last “born again” Christian President voted for endless public-private appropriations causing the deficit to soar. He increased the hypocritical culture of secretive bureaucracies where billions go in and no one could account to the public where it went except for the words “state’s secrets”.  In exchange, we were burdened with FISA, The Patriot Act,The Real ID Act, and many many trifling Executive Orders.

What does conservative Christian America have to show for it? Well.. their eight year old children may be showing a lot more to the TSA if they have to fly out of any major airport.

However, the real irony is the self-professed “leg up” anti-thiest and closet Libertarian, Bill Maher, offers to conservative women by booking them on network television. On Larry King Live, he proudly listed his greatest achievements in equal time programming as featuring American Conservative hits, like Anne Coulter and Christine O’Donnell, on Politically Incorrect. However, consolation is lost as he later cites that conservative women are merely “a novelty”. (You know, like cocktail fruit in your drinks or the adult section at Spencer’s gifts.)


I felt vaguely optimistic for O’Donnell’s success.

The unholy miracle is that O’Donnell, 41, a young American conservative has survived the anti-woman culture of political right and the left itself in all of its intelligent forms. She displaced an establishment Senate incumbent Republican, Mike Castle in Delaware. For those who don’t know, a lot of powerful global banking and  work for the Federal Reserve is performed in Delaware. For this exhibition of her power, she has been deemed, classically, “a witch”.

Unfortunately, history tell us that women -particularly white women from Evangelical Christian backgrounds- who outmode their male counterparts have been removed by force, simply by labeling them as “a witch”. A long list of institutions run by men, starting with various Churches, carried out torturous “purifying” deaths of women adept enough to beat them at their own game.

Poor, Mike Castle. He received so many personal consolations. The many many back slaps from his male peers, even one from the President, were to preserve his pride.

Our point exactly is that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to lose to a woman.

I then concluded it is a sad day indeed when a liberal Democrat may adequately claim to be an escalator for women conservatives, social or fiscal, in pursuit of a political career. The skill is in getting through the the equal time interview, where a conservative is actually allowed to speak and then still try to somehow emerge recognizable to her political peers. The aftermath requires surviving: temporary defamation, “smelling like a liberal for going on that show”, and the jealous female crabs in the bucket agitated over a network television appearance.

Why can’t we women get behind one another when it counts?

Unfortunately, what is actually disturbing the O’Donnell campaign force more than anything else is her approach to gender and sexuality. Media amplification of her positions concerning what goes on in the bedroom in a broken economy where citizens are simply trying to stay housed, fed and employed says a lot more about how nothing much will change at all.

That has drastic drawbacks for the activist image of a “grizzly mama” trying to purify Washington by fire as the anti-establishment candidate.

Indeed, if Christine O’Donnell, as a Senator, is so severely interested in expanding government oversight of what we do in private, where no crime is committed, she’s closer to what we have right now than a departure from it. Nothing says “establishment” like allowing the State to watch your private parts.

She may be toting Tea, but it may not be the kind we really need – Liberty.


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