Fascist Joe Miller ices Alaska’s Tea Party anti-establishment tone

Posted: October 20, 2010 in border fence, facsism, immigration, nationalism

PLEASE HEED THE WARNING.  DO NOT SUPPORT JOE MILLER, Senate Republican from Alaska.  The likelihood is high that he will personally expedite fascism in America.

BTC –  The Tea Party is not a uniform organism.  It is a more or less hothouse garden of small government, anti-tax grassroots cultivated through the media sprawl of Fox news.  This has been repeated over and over.  It’s important to point out when small government cultures get a mutant strain which grows larger than the rest and then of course adopts poisonous or harmful characteristics.

Allow me to explain.

Alaska is known for producing and promulgating American exceptionalism.   American exceptionalism is touted by Alaska’s chief political export, Sarah Palin. This is the idea that America doesn’t have to adhere to basic general standards, ethics and morality in ways the rest of the world does.   Which is why some Americans condemn the facist treatment of women in fundamentalist Islamic cultures and then justify no-bid contracts to perform extranational rendition, human experimentation and torture on the US tax payer dime.

Exceptionalism is also why some of the deluded officials in our government think we are immune to facism when we adopt its actions for use on our own people.  Remember the instances when it was said, “It’s not illegal when the president does it,”?    This is the current state of mind in Washington D.C.  They have lost their compass for what is and is not facisim, even when it is another American.  Activists and advocates have to hold their hand, shout in their near deaf ears and lead them against doing things which will eventually erode their own personal freedoms as Americans.  I think of it like aiding a developmentally disabled family member.  It’s tough but you have to do it for everyone’s sake.

This is the strong clear reasoning of Americans towards voting anti-incumbent, of which I have been a strong proponent.

That was until I saw headlines about Tea Party hopeful Joe Miller as soon as Sunday touting East Germany’s example of border wall security as a great solution to our societal and immigration woes.  That has red flag all over it.  It doesn’t stop there.  Miller took it upon himself to try to forcibly and illegally detain a journalist covering his campaign.

Joe Miller wants that fence. He’ll probably want to see your papers too. If I had a crystal ball I would project he will volley to keep Real ID law and enforceable in the States. He is exactly what establishment Washington IS, not what America needs.

This is not the usual behavior of a campaigning man “of the people, by the people”. This is the behavior of someone who will propell RNC-G20-G8 levels of martial law.  This is the behavior of a  person who will use physical force to silence free speech when it is inconveniencing them.  This is the dictionary picture of the Ugly American wrecking around innocent people and then calling for backup for doing it because he’s a nationalist.  He wants a paycheck for this.  He wants more responsibility.

LISTEN:  THIS IS A BAD SIGN. PLEASE HEED THE WARNING.  DO NOT SUPPORT JOE MILLER, Senate Republican from Alaska.  The likelihood is high that he will personally expedite fascism in America.


  1. Steve says:

    Of course, the East German border fence was built by Communists, not Fascists. But I assume your point is anti-authoritarian government whether of the left or right. šŸ™‚

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