Guilty Pleasures: Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory & more

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Distrust of Godzilla Govt., Financial Structures Toppling, People Traps
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ZillaMod-  Sometimes I don’t want to do much at all.  Sometimes my slacktivism includes lit, TV and film reviews for the benefit of those who want a sense of achievement by being better informed. Here are a few recent treasures on the path to awesome deep dark terrible truth. They soften the landing for people who want to get it over with and still enjoy some real entertainment value.

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory on Tru TV

The former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura may be termed out but he is definitely not done serving the public interest. Conspiracy Theory made me a fast convert after catching this episode on Goldmann Sachs and the defrauded the American taxpayer.  You have to watch Ventura turn the heat on.  Once you see the beads of sweat accumulate on the faces of the Goldmann Sachs jackals you’ll be on the edge of your seat cheering. 

His show is making a difference. It stops insulting the intelligence of struggling people who see evidence of surveillance and corruption interrupt their lives everyday.

Get your Public Officials names ready, with pen, paper or e-mail. Once you see this, you will want to do something about it.

Downsized on WE tv

This reality TV series debuted this Saturday about the immediate future of America. Nothing says Godzilla Government like watching this family of 9 scrounge for a living after Wall Street walked away with Americas wealth.

DISINFORMATION : 100 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know


Try this on for Christmas or Thanksgiving

Try this on for Christmas or Thanksgiving


This compact disinfo trivia is a great gift for family members and others who are just putting their toe in the water by talking to you about dark, tough subjects which don’t often see the light of day.  You can’t beat what it tells you for under $10.





Taking of Pelham 123 Starring Denzel Washington ,as Garber and  John Travolta, as Ryder.

From the film:

Ryder: Now you understand commodities, don’t you? You know, pork bellies, gold, light crude.
Walter Garber: Listen. No disrespect, but maybe I’m not the guy you should be talking to.
Ryder: Oh no, you are exactly the guy I wanna talk to. Now I want you to look at the ticker and I want you to tell me what is the going rate for a New York City hostage today. You think a million dollars is too much? I do. I think it’s corny. Now get your calculator out. You got one?
Ryder: [Garber hesitates] Do you have a calculator?
Walter Garber: Yeah, we got one. I got one.
Ryder: Okay, good. Now add this up. You got $526,315.79. That’s $526,315.79 Now times that by 19. What do you get?
Walter Garber: [looks at calculator] That’s $10 million?
Ryder: What do you get?
Walter Garber: That comes out to $10 million plus 1 cent.
Ryder: Oh that is a deal. Now I want you to call the mayor and tell him the price. And then you tell him I want it in 100,000 $100 dollar bills. You got that?
Walter Garber: Okay I got that. What about the 1 cent?
Ryder: Well you keep that 1 cent. It’s your broker fee.

You can read more examples of some of the gemmy dialogue in this film on

Denzel Washington as Walter Garber took careful aims with a NY Subway’s bad guy, Ryder by displaying middle class vulnerability on a shaky but resilient upwardly mobile trend.  The writing was good enough to bring home a 1/2 gallon of milk to the wife. The film truly delivers on a disturbing revelation of how Wall Street PUT options might make certain people rich every time there’s a terrorist threat in NYC.


Hopefully,  this will provide a decompression valve for some of you to enjoy as much as I did.


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