DANTE APPROVED: My twisted utopia

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

by Sheila Dean

I need to preface this imaginary pilot  in social architecture with a basic explanation. Like any idiot human playing god, my world as desired would have disastrous effects in terms of human rights and absolutes.

Whatever happened to live and let live?   The better question might be: have we ever lived and let live?

What bothers me about America is that most of us are struggling to stay afloat but we are under some absurd notion that we get to control circumstances and things about our neighbors that we actually can’t.

You can’t control your neighbors skin tone, their income or their lifestyle.  However, this doesn’t stop people from trying or adopting a tone that somehow any or all of the above are “incorrect”.

People are constantly in petty squabbles that manifest everywhere: the supermarket, the gas station, the schools and even in your backyard. Then we see bigger powers freaking out, losing control – reinventing the cold war because they need an excuse to stay in power.  They are literally running out of gas and they’ll kill you or displace you because they can no longer make a buck off of you. That’s your purpose in life, remember?

Remember that, all you useless eaters sucking up good wealthy people’s oxygen, when you’re shopping for fabric at Wal-Mart. Remember to mind the banshee from DHS wailing about public safety. If you don’t like yer neighbor because they aren’t “right”. You should report them! That’s your job too!

Oh, and then try to recall the late 1980s. Didn’t we all agree that the bomb was a mass delusion of technology over humanity? Nuclear proliferation is getting lost in the forest in order to claim all the trees.

If we are the unfortunates, subject to the tailoring of the absurd, why not make equally absurdist assertions.   It’s worth a shot, if this is our life!!

Welcome to my New Society of Committed Freedoms!!

For those who work in the private sector aggregating information, surveilling an unwitting public, they will become famous!  Everything they say and do will be under 24 hour broadcast surveillance, with minute-to-minute tweets and social networking.  They will live in public so long as they are committed to arbitrary surveillance of the non-criminal actions and lives of private citizens.

For people who love intoxicating youth and corrupting the healthy for profit with medications, they will be forced to use pills and drugs as currency to get what they need.  They shall have no other currency to live on so long as they are employed or lobby with pharmaceutical companies.  If you want to practice medicine, it’s Quid Pro Quo.

I suggest we find a desert to commit all of the leaders and racists who want wars, bigotry and mass destruction and buy it for them so they can go there and entertain their private delusions in retirement. Take every rapist and gang killer and dump them there too to ferret out an existence in order to vacate the prisons.  Once they all kill each other – we will have removed both the sociopathic and the serially complicit from the gene pools.  I’m sure no one wants war but them.  Everyone else will find meaningful things to do with their life.

For everyone who wants critical mass religion, let’s legalize cult compounds. We should find a reservation suitable for them so they can control who has sex with whom and how frequently.  They’ll be happy.  From the outs journalists can report how many child rapes were peacefully tolerated, how many people submitted their children for genital mutilation, the number of children generated from the family mills, and how many women were brutalized and killed for “stepping out of line”.  That way moderate, spiritual people with a sane level of intellectual detachment and a healthy relationship to sex can live a decent life free from religious sexual dysfunction and the misery it breeds.

For people absolutely committed to generating poisonous waste and absolute right to dump garbage and pollutants without regulation, they will be relocated right next door to the dumping site along with their children.  They will live and grow food on the land they are committed to poisoning.

Wall Street white collar criminals will be forced to support every employee and shareholder they robbed by working in sweatshop conditions for pennies on the dollar until the balance is paid off.

For people absolutely committed to forced torture of animals for commercial gain, both executives and workers should be relocated to live adjacent to the animals they abuse with minimal expectations that anyone else should endorse their way of life. They will live, breathe, and eat nothing but what they make from their farms and laboratories.

Monsanto, his employees and his lawyers should only eat what they make.  They should live entirely on Genetically Modified corn and that will be their segment of society.  Once they figure out how to make currency from corn – they should be okay. That’s so they can buy GMO cloned meat, milk, fruits and vegetables from shareholders in Monsanto stock.  They can have their own society too.  They are free to mutate or die of cancer – whatever they wish.

From there I would dissolve the IP decisions that organic carbon based life can be patented. The remaining people will go have a life and they will be grateful to find love, grow food, make art, live a peaceful autonomous life without trying to regulate the next guy.  They’ll be relieved that what they have to live with may be more labor intensive, but better than what these other folks get to live with. I’m sure there will still be crime and squabbles among neighbors about possessions.  However, those things can reasonably get settled in a smaller government atmosphere.

Unfortunately it will be a heavily armed society due to the level of human and animal mutations allowed to erupt from the New Society of Committed Freedoms.

Yes – in my utopia everyone gets exactly what they want from the process with the requisite they are married to fruitful results.

All people are free to pursue a life which makes perfect sense to them.


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