The torture of Brad Manning

Posted: December 16, 2010 in censorship, Manning, torture, transparency, WikiLeaks

BTC – We deserve better.  The armed service members in this country deserve better.  However- the sad truth is that Pvt. Bradley Manning is experiencing the US institution of torture and rendition consistent with being classified as a “terrorist”.

This is what the United States military has been reduced to: extorting us towards crushing debt to pay for torture and incarceration of our own citizens when THEY TELL THE TRUTH.

Be reminded, we may demand a different standard than, “shut up, lay down and take it without making any noise”.

Daniel Ellsberg, a pioneer in the art of the leak led a revolution in public awareness.  This was before news organizations were infiltrated by cold war era military plants.

It’s all we can do to to just stay dedicated to blowing the whistle; until The People come down like rain on the worst form of  governance in our name in US history.

Without further ado, Mr. Daniel Ellsberg, says it again.

Try to stay sane.  DO SOMETHING!


Assange out on bail, stayed in London with limited freedoms

CSPAN Coverage of Wikileaks, The Espionage Act & The Constitution 

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