Rep. Gifford, Congress is not “okay” after Tucson shooting

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Burrowing down ...a word to the wise

ZillaMod – There is not much I can add about this matter that didn’t already take up 3/4’s of my local daily paper.

To recap…The shooter was military trained and had some mental health issues.  It wasn’t a regular constituent visit in the Tucson district.

I think some of Congress may be traumatized.  Some constituents are also dead who might have wanted to discuss important issues like employment, job creation, immigration or national healthcare.

Rep. Gifford deserves our prayers and support, but most of all we need to look at who is protecting the integrity of  the work she was performing in district. Most of her constituents had needs and were addressing government appropriately. What will happen to them?  Who is going to be the careful voice for her district?  The desperation felt in Tucson hits a chord nationwide.  Will our public servants be our voice, take the necessary risks to represent the reasons why they were sent to Washington in the first place?

If your Representative or Senator wasn’t injured in the shooting – and especially if they were – you should send a Thank You note, affirming that it’s still “okay” to be a public servant. It’s not a regular day at work when someone gets shot.  It is a tragic, periodic occupational hazzard of being a public figure.

A living, more relateable example of God’s grace as a public servant is Senator Dianne Feinstein.  She survived the Milk-Moscone shootings at San Francisco City Hall.   Her instincts about Dan White proved true and correct after she discovered Harvey Milk’s body.

I’d like to hearken back to another public figure, Dimebag Darrell, who was tragically shot to death at a Pantera spin-off concert -for just showing up to work. The newer group disbanded after his death.  Elected officials can’t disband their tour crew and recess into performance trauma anxiety and obscurity.  They work for The People.  They need your help to keep going forward, to serve normally, to influence the society of government and to represent your views as an American citizen.

So be polite.  Don’t threaten. Vote. Write letters.  Make phone calls. Talk to the aides. You don’t have to agree with their form of public policy, but you can demonstrate your power by working with them on issues you care about  by expressing your views respectfully, appropriately.  It will help.  It always does.


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