“Rep. Rush: Net neutrality a clash between ‘Godzilla and King Kong'”

Posted: January 11, 2011 in People Traps
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ZillaMod –  This SUPERGEM was tweeted down from the graces from the Hillicon Valley Tech blog. Rep. Rush said a pretty awesome thing.

“The Color of Change campaign, which supports strict regulations for phone and cable companies, has sought to unhinge Rush’s bid to become the top Democrat on the subcommittee overseeing telecom issues. The group says net neutrality is essential for helping minorities get online, charging that Rush has not done enough on the issue.

But Rush suggested in his speech that net neutrality is not a key issue for minorities; rather, it is a clash between corporations who are akin to “Godzilla and King Kong.”

I’m not so sure if I really agree, but it sounds bad a**!!


NEW! Digi-Godzilla dragnet lands on Washington D.C.

State of the Net Conference [It’s a big monster…RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!  SAVE YOURSELF!!]

Rep. Paul goes in to repeal THE PATRIOT ACT.

[See case law example ..DAVID v. GOLIATH]

California-Zilla decides you and your mobile phone won’t need a 4th Amendment if you were ever arrested- EVER!

[Yeah, that means you..especially that one time. Remember?  At that one rally? The one where the police got you and threw you in a truck for protesting?  Yeah – YOU, activist!]

  1. I love the topics – they give me lots to think about – be it light and funny or deeper like today. It’s getting me writing – so thank you!

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