CIS reports on proliferation of zombie legislation

Posted: January 13, 2011 in national ID, Real ID, Repeal Travel ID

BTC – It’s like no one listens when I scream “THE ZOMBIES ARE SHUFFLING!” Except, Jim Harper.  What am I talking about?  The Center for Immigration Studies released their legislative agenda about the natural, incremental progress of Real ID – or the federalizing your drivers licenses.

Jobs are not as plentiful to kick down to local or national contractors. So they’ll hang onto dear life to that little gold star or the holographic laminate they are paid to produce so they can keep the lights on.  Life is so sad when all we are left with is sympathy for the economic cannibalism of the American taxpayer.

What am I supposed to say?  Hey, Janice you didn’t look fat on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory? GO 9-11 Commission? What should I do?  Shout in the faces of people who can clearly see Real ID is a gutted zombie sloth which relies on the public’s attention deficit and short term memory to survive?  How about the fact that Real ID compliance gets dumped off at the 3rd rail because there are like 4 or 5 different national identity programs trying to spin off in Washington because Real ID didn’t exactly take off?  It would be easy to kill but certain folks are really attached to it.  So why isn’t it really really dead?

The national identity proponents don’t yet have the FIAT identity capital or the control that a comprehensive national identity program promised to deliver SO THEY KEEP TRYING.


“We’ll lose federal funding” or “What about the 9-11 Commission report reccomendations?” or “What will they replace Real ID with once it’s gone?” or “What about illegal aliens with the drivers licenses?”

These are the excuses going in my ears when I say, “Let’s repeal Real ID.”  We still want to disconnect one of the most totalitarian measures of social control known to human history from American life.  We are talking a national ID card program here. Real ID doesn’t just compromise privacy and cause discomfort to civil libertarians – it’s a sure shot way for the government to criminalize you for being because IT CAN.

I think John Stewart cut up the 9-11 Commission credit cards for leaving the first responders for dead. I think Naomi Klein showed the world what crisis/disaster (global interventionist) capitalism is really about.   I think CIS’ strategy for whipping up an immigration/identity distraction this spring should be swapped for HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET JOBS FOR AMERICANS, LIKE YESTERDAY?

You don’t want Real ID benchmarks and incremental rigor mortis running your life?  Pick up a phone or get off your duff and get down to your State and federal leaders office and demand a repeal.  Then it won’t be your fault, because you did something.

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