About those Big Lizards in Charge (BLICs)

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Distrust of Godzilla Govt.

It wasn’t long after I started this blog before I began hearing from the anti-Big Lizard constituencies.   There were complaints about the “Big Lizards in Charge” or as I call them, BLICs.

A Little Lizard in Charge "Yeah. About those TPS reports...."

You may know these concerned citizens.  They read a lot of David Icke. They listen to a lot of Art Bell.  They informed me of an infiltration of a non-Mexican population living undocumented in the United States. This would be the “reptoid” or lizard people.

The convoluted, sordid story of the reptoid people is that they are an apparently ancient global civilization.  They are an elite entitled bunch of underground lizard folk with a really bad reputation.  The anti-BLIC constituencies blame these lizard people for global warming, bad government, overspending, the economic breakdown and the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They question the human rights of any elected official with a forked tongue and nictating membrane.

Right. The reptoid made you vote for Bush in '04.

What I am known for is blogging against histrionically bad, totalitarian-leaning government. The trouble is that I can’t really take up the anti-BLIC cause.  The reason for this is that: we are the ones eating crappy fast food in the drive-thru windows, buying and then subsequently dumping loads of unbiodegradeable plastic crap on the the planet, endorsing and subsidizing oil allegiance by purchasing fossil fuel and then re-electing slimy megalomaniacs to keep it all going conveniently.

Sorry, the destruction of planet Earth simply is our own damn fault.

The idea that there are possibly 5 different alien species colluding with our government is fascinating.  The notion that a nefarious society of underground reptile people originating from Iraq are the secret reason we are building a monstrous US embassy base towards our bankruptcy, actually makes more sense than what we’ve been told. The tales of abductions, genetic cruelty, torture and successive genocide make perfect sense if an alien race is doing it.  It’s much easier to accept than if we were actually doing it to each other.

Unfortunately, we humans are still at fault.

We are the ones failing to switch over to Socially Responsible Investments in solar, wind and alternative transport. We are the ones over developing in the lungs of the greatest rainforests of the world.   We are the ones turning a blind eye to the suffering and injustices against human rights; which are actually coming closer and closer to your door due to your lack of empathy.  We are the ones cheating each other what is owed for labor.  We are the ones who hurt and kill one another.

The indictment against the less evident BLICs are that they are inhumane leaders who are “making” us do this to our planet from mind control.

Unfortunately, even if a bunch of shapeshifting baby-eating alien lizard-human hybrids were running the show; it wouldn’t change a damn thing. Brad Manning is still in prison without a trial.  GITMO and Bagram are still fostering atrocities on our dime.  The federal government is still power-tripping over the new found ways to remote control you with technology.  Wiki-leaks is still busting their chops as a result. Families are losing their homes.  People are hungry and unemployed.

Meanwhile, you do one of 2 things: a) something or b) nothing.

Godzilla government evolved from lazy, inconsiderate, self-centered humans who refuse to engage public policy and pushing the job of governance onto “someone else”.

Godzilla came out of the ocean and I think no one noticed for a couple of years because someone had to buy a new grill for their backyard, refinance their mortgage or chase down their mother’s podiatrist.

So I am going to pass the buck right back to the anti-BLIC constituency, and the rest of humanity, including myself.   If you don’t like your Godzilla government wrecking around your community and your life; do something about it other than point the finger at the “evil reptoid people”.   [It just doesn’t fix the problem.]


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