What Les Grossman could do for civil affairs

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Distrust of Godzilla Govt.

ZillaMod– I get as tired as the next guy when I wonder about how to handle emergent superpowers, challenges to national security and passive aggressive politics. Every now and then I get inspired.

I am really really sick of the repeated attempts at snaking us out of our personal data and really the 4th Amendment. In fact, I’ll just say it, I feel terrorized by our current government’s approach to electronic privacy.  Astonishingly drepressing news of the cruelties endured by innocents like Aafia Saddiqui shows me there may be a bottom to the depravity in US governance.

I think we’ve hit it.  I wonder what kind of mettle, gut level tolerances you have to have to make a difference these days.

I am sick of Godzilla government.  It is time to wheel out the heavy artillery.

I honestly think it’s time for Les Grossman to take on Capitol Hill.

Amazing. He could be a great majority whip on domestic defense and civil liberty.


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