An answer to prayer, deliverance from Godzilla

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Financial Structures Toppling, People Traps
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I have had my ups and downs with churches.  Eventually, I became alienated from Americanized faith fellowships due to the blatant and endless consumerist pitches enmeshed from the pulpit, to the congregation; which seamlessly bled into endless covenant mall shopping.  There was no end to the soulless dissipation of chinese-sweatshop-made crap. Jesus bobbleheads?  Bumperstickers and pencil toppers?   I eventually stopped, dropped and rolled out of the hellfires within my own church when my pastor bought a property across the street and kicked all of the poor residents out into the same street.  One near destitute family refused to leave and the pastor dragged the entire congregation across the street and tried to SHAME them into leaving their home.  Who can stand up to the power of the Lord, right?

Well.. I did.  I told the choir leader that I wouldn’t be returning for practice.  I never returned. There was no salt left in the salted.  The only thing that stayed with me is that we should have supported our community instead of casting them into the street for being an obstacle. This family was guilty of being poor; having no buying power to shop for their new home or new crap for their new home.

I was sure that Jesus would have found those people jobs, made sure their needs were met and then made sure they were empowered to keep flourishing, free and unindebted.

Years later I discovered Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.   He helped me understand I wasn’t astray. I was just following my own inner light of The Truth.  When I can’t help my fellow American find what they need to sustain basic dignity, there isn’t something wrong with Jesus – there’s something wrong with us and our cultural priorities.

Elected officials are completely influenced by all the stuff they “must buy”.  In this case, it would be through cheap globalized trade agreements and no-bid contracts buying stuff in your name; whether you need it or not.  14 trillion in federal debt; which you and your grandchildren can pay for.  That is just an unholy, ungodly amount of federal debt. The US government and the federal bankers don’t even care if we are broke.  Our job is just to keep buying and keep making tax money so they can keep buying.  This is a crisis of sheer moral terpitude!  The federal government needs to STOP SHOPPING!

That’s when in my misery, I snapped to and discovered the question, “What would Jesus buy?”

America, her monetary system and her national economic policy must be born again.  Now, I don’t mean throwing out the freedom of buying and selling what you want for an honest currency.  I’m talking about breaking free of the economic bondage of eternal crisis servitude.  Let’s prefer the businesses in our communities over the massive Global Godzillas who knock over entire countries for right-of-might business monopoly. That’s not a free market.

There is a great deal of freedom in saying, “I’m not going to pay for something I don’t need,” and walking away from anyone who wants to put you in a bad position.

We all witnessed the ’08 crash and beheld the federal fleecing of TARP.  We are now reliant on a corrupt FIAT monetary system; which is as good as the paper it’s printed on. It is only a matter of time before we go to hell economically.

Don’t go to hell. Listen to the good news message of Reverend Billy.

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