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Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

BeatTheChip retires.

Message to the devotees of

ZillaMod -My other blog, BeatTheChip, has done both it’s best and it’s worst.  It’s time for a new and improved blog which will run faster, reach farther, and agitate more people to make a difference under the heading WakingUpOrwell.

Real ID and national ID developments – dead, alive or some form of undead necrotic dilemma for legislative strategists- will still be reported on Waking Up Orwell (WUO).  Waking Up Orwell, an original media production, will be broadcasting soon on an online radio network near you.

Waking Up Orwell will cross pollinate ideas to this blog where comedy and tragedy meet around destruction by government so monstrously huge; it’s making Jane Harman AND Joe Lieberman retire.

FULL STORY HERE:  Waking Up Orwell multimedia blog will emerge from BeatTheChip .


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