ACTION ALERT: Repeal the Real ID Act, keep it on Congress’ radar!

Posted: March 28, 2011 in action alert, Downsize DC, Real ID

BTC – As States continue to oppose the Real ID Act, it’s important to point out there are lesser cited consequences in allowing it to continue. The law’s threat to privacy and civil liberty remain the dominant point of dissent; but there are human and environmental tolls mounting every day due to the law. The Real ID Act continues as one more way to push the otherwise sovereign tribal identities of American Indians into US federal compliance. Immigration case law decisions continue to build precedent on court decisions involved with the Real ID Act.  Immigrants facing political or religious persecution in their native countries have been refused humanitarian sanctuary in the United States according to some of the Real ID related rulings.  Elderly citizens are found to be losing ground over proof of identity and  citizenship. Of course, no one living on the border has forgotten about the big fence continuing through private properties or obstructing wildlife migrations.

You can expect more problems and unintended consequences attached to the Real ID Act going forward today, as it remains law.

You have even more reasons to ask for the repeal of a law passed as an appropriations afterthought in late 2004.   The Real ID Act and it’s long term consequences to American life remain.

Contact your congressional leaders directly here.

[Thanks to Downsize D.C., here is an example of what you can say in your letter! Add any additional concerns of your own.]

I am pleased Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano extended the deadline for states to implement REAL ID from this May to January, 2013. If she hadn’t done this, people in states that haven’t implemented REAL ID could have been denied the right to board an airplane.

But the Secretary can’t repeal REAL ID. Congress can, and should.

The REAL ID Act . . .

  • Forces innocent American citizens to carry an “internal passport” or National ID card in the form of a standardized state driver’s license . . .

  • Their personal information is barcoded and put in a central database; 

  • Which makes them MORE vulnerable to identity theft.

REAL ID also violates fundamental liberties. It will be needed not only to board an airplane or enter federal buildings, it could also be required to earn a living, and even to purchase firearms or prescription drugs!

In states that have implemented REAL ID, innocent citizens are forced into longer and multiple visits to the DMV, and to track down records and documents to “prove” their identity.

And states are forced to spend money they don’t have to comply with it. No wonder two dozen states have chosen to “nullify” REAL ID.

The REAL ID Act is a phony piece of legislation that exploited anti-Moslem and anti-Mexican sentiment. But it can’t prevent either terrorism or illegal immigration! The only people it regulates are innocent Americans.

America is better than that.

Show us that YOU’RE better than that. Repeal REAL ID and replace it with nothing.


If  you’re not certain how to approach your Congressional leader yet, try this.

If you’re ready to go ahead, punch in your zipcode here to find your representatives.

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