Wisconsin NBC affilliate misinforms constituents of Real ID "bill"

Posted: June 1, 2011 in L-1 Technologies, Real ID

New secured licenses will be produced in California

BTC-  NBC’s TMJ news desk reported a Real ID bill requiring local drivers license applicants to adjust to “secured ID” rules administered only by the Department of Transportation.  There is no such bill.

The NBC affiliate’s news desk operator’s “It’s a done deal” quote seems to imply this is more than just editorializing – it’s misinformation.

Wisconsin is struggling to save costs on national secured ID cards, which a local DOT Operations Manager compared to a passport in terms of risks and identity theft.  The new licenses will greenlight Wisconsin airtravel and voting in local elections.  Drivers licenses will be farmed out to L-1 Identity solutions in California for production and mailed back to Wisconsin residents.

Wisconsin would not be the first state to attempt administrative rule over local rule of law or due process of consent.

Real ID certified licenses distribution will start in the fall of 2011.

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