U.S.-Canada Perimeter Security and an Integrated North American Command

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

ZillaMod- Not enough has been said about the integration of US-Canadian border perimeters.

Americans still are largely cut off or left out of quality information towards input processes when it comes to foreign affairs or affairs affecting national sovereignty. The name calling gets harrowing as some liberals tend to find “nationalists” despicable, largely for criminalizing undocumented economic immigrants. What comes across is that all calls to examine at national border policy only concern immigration.  That is just not the case. We need to practice some balance.

It is high time to investigate when extra-national or UN forces are at work to dissipate national borders in a blithe move to integrate the North American continent.  Militarization of the borders is a HUGE red flag which points to more of a heavily surveilled checkpoint society.  It is a bad omen; hailing the close to a free and open society.

The alt-news media have become the intrepid forces in US-Foreign affairs reporting. Gannet funded papers and ex-military infiltrated media monoliths eschew the idea of reporting something as monumental as the details of  integrating the United States domestic military assets with that of another nation, Canada.Shame on you, American Media for ignoring reports like this one, by Dana Gabriel for OpEd News.

U.S.-Canada Perimeter Security and an Integrated North American Command

“While few details have emerged surrounding talks between the U.S. and Canada on a North American security perimeter, there is little doubt that deeper military integration between both countries will play an important part of any such deal. Plans for a common security perimeter have renewed calls to expand the NORAD bilateral air defence model to include ground and naval forces. There are also efforts to increase security cooperation in the Arctic and further integrate military command structures.”



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