It’s not an abortion when Anne Coulter has one

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Or why Anne Coulter isn’t qualified to speak on abortion

Anne Coulter says a lot of testy things meant to unsettle “liberals”.  What bugs me about some conservatives is that they consistently liquidate moral stances on little 15 minute media projects they presume everyone forgets like seasonal clothing.  Most “die hard conservatives” believe everyone’s special interest has the same life span as theirs. Most short-term lunatics conveniently forget that terrorism is already an international crime, that the constitution protects everyone’s religious freedoms (including their own), and that for right now we do not need to trade privacy for security.

What’s so puzzling is how neo-con folks get away with calling themselves “conservatives”.  They spend most of their lifetime trying to make the United States a place of Us (American special interests) vs. Them (the other Americans who have other interests). This magical place is one where they are in power and one visceral rhetoric dominates. Then they make radical changes, toss the rule book and any annoying fettering documents, like laws and the US Constitution.

During the Bush Administration this was done to the pure dismay of American conservatives, like Rep. Ron Paul.  The real American conservative wants less change, less government and less spending. Neo-conservatives crank out totalitarian or absolutist rule on a quite indulgent federal tax tab. They are the same as a European fascist or Stalinist era despot.

“If you’re not with me, than you are with the terrorists!” -George W. Bush

There is a double standard issued routinely by neo-conservatives; which is a rule of power for them and whatever you get for you.  This means you will go to hell/jail/Guantanamo for [insert heinous federal crime]; but it’s not a crime when they do it.

Some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell’s, Animal Farm 

This is why Anne Coulter can one day rain verbal hellfire and pithy acid onto entire communities of innocent American muslims for being peaceful Islamic practitioners and then encourage violent anti-abortion extremists to go ahead and murder a few abortion doctors in Jesus name. It’s beyond hypocrisy. It’s American exceptionalism.

This leads me to question why all of a sudden, this 15 minutes in American history, she has decided it’s okay to urge Americans to commit what is essentially an act of domestic terrorism by murdering abortion doctors.

Whatever it is, it’s not peaceful political activism.

Anne Coulter does not have the universal leverage to make the life and death choices for others because she wrote a book and she hates liberals for a living.  Coulter invites violence on abortion clinics, doctors or anyone else who isn’t her, really.  She is conveniently pro-war in a position where she will never be in any danger to lose her limbs or her life.  Someone else is paid by taxpayers to do that.

Let’s not forget who Anne Coulter is.  Coulter is a woman, childless and unmarried. She is a Republican with an outwardly arid exhibit of bones-and-elbows sexuality. Anne Coulter, the neo-conservative exceptionalist, may be busy not having a crisis or unwanted pregnancy at this very moment.

Should Ms. Coulter ever have an unwanted pregnancy, a frequent problem represented in American conservative Christian homes, her constituencies would obviously urge her to make delivery on that infant.

However, let’s say you are not Ms. Coulter and you happen to have a medical appointment to survey the option of terminating your pregnancy. What if one of her inspired adherents shows up to murder your doctor, the staff and possibly some pregnant women in the valley of decision on the birth of a child?

I would say it’s a dangerously irresponsible utterance of a woman who isn’t personally in any proximity range of making a baby. For this reason, she simply lacks the necessary qualifications to make a decision in this area.

A pregnant woman is the most qualified to make the decision whether or not to have a child. Pregnancy sorts the pragmatic in an automatic pecking order for a woman. She is the administrator and the chief policy maker.  She sets the gynecological agenda.  Not her mother.  Not the father. And certainly not 12 old Christian white guys at a legal round table.

If you assume the identity of a woman contending with a crisis pregnancy, you are probably not Anne Coulter or part of the neo-con safe harbor circle. Any woman who has ever struggled with a crisis or unwanted pregnancy is relieved when they finally arrive at a personal policy decision on their own.  Women in crisis pregnancies who choose to bring their pregnancy to term are not hard pressed to repeal Roe v. Wade. A vintage supreme court decision is probably the last thing on their mind.

So here’s to you, Anne.  You are about as qualified to deal with abortion as your male counterparts.  Most presume you have never had to bear up underneath the enormous uncompassionate burden of a crisis pregnancy.

If you ever do, we won’t be very surprised if you have a legal abortion. You’re a neoconservative exceptionalist.  It’s not an abortion when you do it.


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