REDUX: Evolved terms of "democratized surveillance" state aired at DEFCON

Posted: August 7, 2011 in DefCon, democratized surveillance, freedoms, privacy concerns, Real ID

“Notwithstanding Americans’ resistance to a Real ID infrastructure, as consumers of social networks we have consented to a de facto Real ID that markets and information technology, rather than government and regulation, have created,”- Alessandro Acquisti

BTC–“Friendly fascism” and “democratized surveillance” are terms being used to address issues of Big Web’s collusion with the government surveillance state by way of hackers, software applications and social networks at this years DEFCON convention.

Here’s how it works: Developed applications are voluntarily adopted by users who create highly personal profiles.  Some profiles are then funnelled through a federal data surveillance apperture by big technology companies and private contractors to advance a fine grasp of social control of everyone who poses any resistance to the State.  A familiar scenario was illustrated in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.   

SEE:An Open Letter to Defcon Hackers: Don’t Sell Out to the NSA

If the American government has indeed lost their undertsanding and fellowship with basic Constitutional freedoms, one can only conclude this Summer’s escalated levels of surveillance is an effort to control the only people in the world with any real power to reign in a rogue government on an imperial rampage.

The resistance of American people may be invisible to the rest of the world due to a media circus which is allowed to tamper with the American justice system.  Something is drastically wrong when Court TV evolved. Nancy Grace based her entire broadcast career on a legal reality show known as “The Casey Anthony trial”.  Many believe this trend was initiated with OJ Simpson’s acquittal in the beating death of his wife.

One morning, I observed Headline News Anchor, Carlos Diaz say,” It’s good that Big Brother is watching out for Octomom.” I would never gather that Carlos Diaz’s audience could raise Octomom’s children better than she could, mainly because they are uninvested strangers. America’s televised media believes itself to be government and has been since corrupted.  American media’s conflict of interest in government role-play leads to it being ineffectual in exposing government corruption. Women and children are still the losers when televised media becomes the social justice handlers.

The media blowback has manifested in new media empire empowerment of Wikileaks and robin hood hacker vigilantes Anonymous who now pilfer the data mines of crooked police bureaus in a retaliatory fashion.

One out of 4 hackers still work for the federal government. If companies hand over users information through coersion or through commerce,  there is only a small patch of legal real estate left to leverage the tipping point for user privacy and basic civil liberty.

Now that the “genie is out of the bottle” it is anyone’s guess whether the User will reclaim authority over the management of their digital identity or allow the liquidation blow-out sale of their information to continue.

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