Tea & Sympathy: Why I’m not scared of the #OccupyAmerica expressions

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

by Sheila Dean

The organizers of #OccupyTogether aren’t shy or trying to hide the fact they would actively contribute to the demise of capitalism. So why as a Libertarian and a free market proponent am I not frothing at the mouth and demanding the 2nd wave of McCarthyism?

In a few words, I am secure in my American identity, my rights as a citizen and the power of the Libertarian Right.

This is why I can watch the beauty of someone’s American dream unfold as free speech protest against standardized corruption at the highest levels of government.  Corporatized government run by the Federal Reserve banking cartel is not something you and I have a relevant hand in anymore. The government seems to be someone else’s private property so in concept it actually no longer belongs to the citizens born into it. These Bankster baddies have their lawyers. We have whatever it is that we have before something else bad happens, like debtor’s prison.

I don’t have the right or even the stomach to supress anyone else’s speech over these matters due to my own losses and how infant futures have been impaled on war debt and the bailouts we advocated against. These are the Left’s great days of dissatisfaction because they are now on a strict diet of crow pie for believing blindly President Obama’s Keynesian bailout decisions would lead them to the promised land.

I don’t have agree with them on the contents of their economic policy to understand the wailing and gnashing of teeth and the desire to deposit rot on Bank of America’s doorstep. I don’t have to agree with their slant on tax reform. I am not in any position to deliver upon any demands to “tax the rich” or “socialize healthcare”. I will quietly refuse to do all of that without interrupting the human grieving process unique to the Left.

Should I be freaked out about Global Revolution’s attempt to co-opt a now-grimy mass of students, worker’s unions, Greens and Leftist organizations? Yes, but only a little. Do I realize they are going to agitate these groups towards a Socialist totalitarian rule? Yes, I do.

Again, I’m not too flapped because we have our voice. Fiscal conservatives elected members from the Tea Party and Ron Paul’s constituencies. The Left doesn’t have an ear or an audience with these folks unless it’s over civil liberty, gay rights or marijuana reform. In a few words, they are really, really on their own. They have almost no non-establishment representation in government.

#OccupyAmerica has a long way to go before they can legitimately claim they are the 99% because they don’t have.. us.

#OccupyWallSt is not the 99% because they don’t have the Libertarians or the Tea Party or Republicans in the bag to get that number correct. They are more like the 35% once the unions joined onto the selective delegation of the collective bullhorned action staging committee.

In a right wing gathering, you don’t need committee permission because you can bring your own bullhorn. Furthermore, if establishment statist Republicans haven’t had any success corralling, suppressing, neutering and successfully silencing their own Libertarian or Independent leaning party members; what makes you think the Socialists, totalitarian Greens or the scientific progressive Left will have much success getting us to take up the #OccupyTogether agenda?

They know us better than that.


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