Winning the war on terror by refusal to be afraid

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Staying grounded, getting real about your friends, surveillance and your right to live decently  

By Sheila Dean

Many people have been on a journey of discovery following 9-11.  Mine has been one of saying what others haven’t yet found the courage to say themselves and refusal to continue fear as a motivating factor in life.

There is certainly no shortage of people who will go very far outside the lines to be bullies protecting their personal convenience or their lazy, defeated way of life.  The sheer volume of these types of people make me wonder about our society as a whole. And this does get beyond cyber bullying…”]libertyunderground-owner[at]

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Our current society makes routine tolerance of coercion, threatening people with failure or fracture, dehousing, and other blithe means to destabilize us for unneccessarily conceding to compromises of conscience or will.  I have been told I would starve to death if I didn’t allow fear to motivate me to perform in conventional society. I am living proof that if you let fear fall apart on its own – you will be allright.  It needs you more than you need it.

I believe I  have won the war on terror, because I’m no longer arbitrarily afraid of much. I do pick my battles because there are so many battles which come to the fore due to the great balancing act.  The exercise of bringing light into dark and secretive places is part of my mission to reclaim lost and forgotten relics or sacred pieces of who we really are.

By all accounts, as a habitual (and rather persistent) communicator, I deliver news daily of the losses of our privacy to prying corporate and government eyeballs.  Some of my worst fears are materializing before my eyes.  Innocent people are being initiated into an entitlement race over data they produce as some kind of guarantee of subordination.

There are some who believe by disseminating messages to and from the media you are co-creating the next bad reality.  People do respond to information so there will be an equal and opposite reaction. The equal part of this equation is an  obvious escalation of surveillance. It is now to a point where it is no longer conspiracy theory or debatable that some  are creating Lessig’s digital cage or a virtual panopticon around us.

What kind of future am I creating?  Is this an empowered one, in favor of human rights and liberty substantiated by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights or a public-private surveillance state which revels in the free press they get every time I make an announcement of a new data surveillance pilot or biometric ID requirement for travellers?  My head being screwed on straight knows if you tell The Truth others are made responsible and more empowered to push back of their own accord.   What you don’t know can hurt you.  For speaking up, more people have a choice between conceding tacitly or resolving to do something about it.

The relationship between Watcher and The Watched is always one of predator & prey.

For salt’s sake – any common person may become a bit unravelled when they realize just how far gone common privacy is. Children and those growing older need the most protection from brutal and totalitarian elements of our government generated in fear based concessions to surveillance.

I was inspired to write this when I heard from a friend who hasn’t called in years. I have met quite a few friends in the activism scene with frittered nerves and minds fraying at the edges for often legitimate fears of government persecution. My friend is getting up in her years.  She has been completely paranoid of FBI surveillance for most of her adult life. I know she’s old enough to have been put under a hit during COINTELPRO or even the old clandestine MK-ULTRA program. She’s half-in and out sometimes. My compassion for her grows when I hear her terrified voice report unfounded claims of surveillance when I know the government isn’t involved. The government isn’t that swift or smart sometimes. My friend doesn’t need be afraid of non-existent spooks threats, but sometimes she is because of what she has been through. She needs to be better informed of the ones which are valid. I’m not altogether unlike her.  So, it’s better to be the one in a cogent place to show & tell what is a true threat to personal liberty vs. what isn’t.

The Real Threat 

The business sector and the government are essentially run and owned by the same people. They are ~4 – 6 banking interests who have coerced us to living in their one sided monetary invention. These are fearful for never having enough while overkill rots all around them. The poor have committed the worst sin of sacrilege to the bankster overlords by not producing enough cash to keep them transactional and therefore, relevant.

If you start a business, that becomes something they want to own or control – by government or by banking lease.  Many people are sitting on the fence today about whether or not to start a business for these same reasons.

What do we do in a society which worships money by maintaining a viciously controlled and dehumanized group to stay intact?  This is a horrid human affliction which flares up and never seems to go away.

This is where the surveillance comes in. Institutions who have arbitrary entitlements on our lives will want to keep tabs on everything you do. Even if you want nothing from them – they still demand something from you.

They demand from us what they don’t actually need, because they have those things in spades.  They make demands and extracts from us under an illusion of retaining what they have as if it’s going to blow away in the wind.  Why overinvest in a structure so insecure?  Isn’t that foolish?

This forces us into a space where we are the most powerful and the least able to be controlled where we perhaps, #OccupySpirit.

What if….

What if in the limitations of all of your personal responsibility, you made an agreement with yourself to not be afraid for your life and your future?  This is not a deal to neglect your life. You would simply to refuse any compulsion to be fearful.

What if you made a sacred agreement that doing your best with what you have is blessed because it has been done by your choice -not by the approval or coercion by someone else?

What if simplifying your life cleared away the noise, drama, tension and negativity eating up a lot of your energy?  Would you be able to focus on the battles you could win and take on some responsibility?

What if the trophies of temporal approval fell away?  Who would you be?

What if you woke up and realized no man, woman, child, beast or spirit has the right or the ability to take from you the essence of what created the unique you or your purpose in this world?

Some of these things you may never know or be able to know unless you willingly, or through circumstances beyond your control, lose some material benefit of status.  Once you have been pushed over the precipice most feared and live- you earn an initiate realization of who you are. You owe no one anything inherently.

A life without fear

After you have discard fear, you get a clear head about what is and is not.  Things and material items are not so important.  You may not even worry about your life so much.

Everyone has needs, for sure. However, you owe no one anything but to give from your heart and from your reasonableness.  The value of your time comes from a different space. It’s about your gifts, your heart and your wisest energy going to the right place rather than the place which maketh the most money for another.  In this space, you trade the goodness in your heart, your time for the benefit of another who will support your life mission with the benefits of their life energies too.

Here we are not competitors trying to kill and eat each other like starving savages trying to fend off the scarcity drives of a 2012 economic crash.  There is another way.

In a space without fear we can breathe in and call each breath sacred and good for giving us life.  We can bless each other and the waters. The energy of joy returns and we become well enough to care for ourselves, others and the earth.  We can return our gifts of thanks to the Great Spirit in the Sky by way of sharing our knowledge, industry and right communication.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”  – Dr. Seuss 


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