To The Stranger: What a Win for Ron Paul means to Smalltown, WA

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

ZillaMod – To refresh this, Ron Paul did not win the Iowa caucus.  What he did win was recognition by the mainstream media. CNN’s John King, said “..the GOP ignores Ron Paul to their peril.”

No doubt, snarky douchebag writers at alt-weeklies are putting their Ron Paul voodoo dolls back on their altars to the fictional Ellsworth Toohey and doing a gloated victory dance.

Paul Constant, a stringer for Seattle’s The Stranger, posted  “Why Ron Paul will never win.” Rick Santorum, the social conservative who  lost to Mitt Romney  by ~10 votes in Iowa caucuses, was also smeared  in a national digital campaign by The Stranger’s editor, Dan Savage.

I have a confession. A guilty pleasure of mine is reading alt-weekly Op-Ed schlock and giggling like crazy.

Here is another letter to the Editor which never made it.  It was fielded but never published by The Stranger.   I figured now that all the politico buzzards are circling to see who still has a campaign I would self-publish.

What a Win for Ron Paul means to Smalltown, WA 


A Letter to The Stranger Editor,
RE: Paul Constant’s article “Why Ron Paul will never win”
Dear Dan,


Constant’s feature begs the question of Where’s the beef, exactly? Is it with Ron Paul? Is it with the King County C4L or the 9-11 Truth movement itself?  Ron Paul is on record as someone who has more or less played politics with 9-11 Truth when it sets him ahead and then becomes conveniently divested from it when it presents disadvantage.  He could be their candidate or not be their candidate depending on the day of the week or the event.

I can certainly appreciate where Constant is coming from as an inactive 9-11 Truther myself.  It became a really obnoxious movement when Campaign for Liberty was infiltrated by a bunch of neo-conservative posers who then dozed their way into the Truth movement. It was a surefire way for the existing Truth movement to become marginalized, imbalanced and controlled by the opposition.  It’s a real shame, because early on Michael Moore and others from diverse political backgrounds did some astonishing and impactful work in terms of raising questions.

So where did the rest of the movement go? The smart people transported concerns from the 9-11 movement into support of establishing transparency-accountability non-profits, campaigns and projects as a result. You can’t insult them with a 9-11 truth or “Truther” label. It’s too late. They moved into the deep tissue work of the cause.

The central idea holding the 9-11 Truth movement together is not Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty constituencies.  It was the quest for a discovery investigation into ways our government handled events surrounding 9-11.  Especially when 9-11 itself became the permanent mark of a State of Emergency in the minds and news portals of America.  From there we, The People, were pushed out of all decisions, national security became the excuse to push extreme levels of control in government, and the Executive office is left unaccountable in checks and balances.

Cass Sunstein’s office assignment on “conspiracy” speech, questioning events around 9-11 and deep flaws in government is evidence enough we need to be wary of losing our ability to legitimately, peacibly challenge government due to the advance of federal supressions.  The argument is as old as the Alien & Sediton Act. (SEE ALSO: Rahm Emmanuel on NATO-G8 handling of protestors “I made a mistake.”)

It’s a shame that our President has moved to censure intelligent discussion and debate, threatened by people who openly don’t trust their government.  Is all the overextended surveillance, warrantless wiretapping, expansions of the Patriot Act for innocent Americans really for our own good?

Constant’s defense of red light cameras is deplorable. They don’t need a media defender. A traffic camera company runs the press relations for the small town of Lynnwood, WA. It’s obvious that removing red light cameras are a conflict of interest there.  Public-private partnerships seem to be the way Washington State does business.  They make the decisions and the citizens just live with it, right?

To be sober- not all of us exactly agree with this approach.  There is no guarantee that cities will get the funding to make Washington’s technocracy real.  They will have to go back to the drawing board and think of another way to put food on the table without the federal business grants provided to indulge the growing surveillance state in America.

Constant’s cross exam of Ron Paul cuts into some bread and butter issues in Washington State because he aims to cut federal spending on “infrastructure”, along with everything else.



Sheila Dean

“Don’t be angry at the neocon infiltration– open the door with a smile”
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“Washington: Traffic Camera Company Runs Press Relations for Lynnwood”
“WaPo: The Top Secret Work of Government & It’s Contractors”

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