Santorum’s speech writer ate a good brownie

Posted: February 15, 2012 in "Real" Monsters

OR What it sounds like as Rick Santorum tries civil libertarian rhetoric

I saw it.  Rick Santorum, earmark guy, papal facist, LGBT hater and would-be jailer of all vaginal health & freedom, holding a copy of the Constitution in his hand spouting how much he loves civil liberty.

“It’s not about contraception.  It’s about economic liberty, it’s about freedom of speech, it’s about freedom of religion. It’s about government control of your lives and it’s got to stop.”

Wow. Santorum made good attempt to use the US Bill of Rights to uphold his own religious freedoms.   What a fantastic sounding idea coming from a man completely devoid of any recorded ability to execute libertarian public policy while in office.

Isn’t it strange for him to take a big big dump on Washington State’s LGBT constitutional marriage rule, in spite of federal scuttling, and then try to cite civil libertarian values?

So, Rick Santorum books Tacoma and then performs a speech from a writer who must have had a GREAT medical brownie. Otherwise, he sounds rediculous trying to channel Ron Paul with no better explanation.

The Constitution holds up tremendously well when there is cause to use it.  However, if you betray the source of your help, you lose all help.  Every American needs 100% of their Constitutional entitlements.

Santorum’s proposal of the Catholic diocese opinion as qualified American public policy as a whole is corrupt.  It merges church with State and would certainly deny Constitutional protections to many citizens. This would be the tentacle of Godzilla Government mistakenly trying to woo a town he will raze.

God, contrary to the belief of some, does not need a cherry picking American politician to do diligence.  No human being is qualified.

“The greatness of our country is in spite of our diversity  we can come together and we can join together and build a great and just society.”

This speech is not a complete departure from the rest of his national rhetoric.  His platform would: ban gay men & women from marrying the person they love or performing armed service openly in the military, propose a process so women will go to prison for attempted abortion, and allow Roman Catholic policy to interfere with secular American doctors, insurers and businesses so they cannot purchase or permit contraception in their medical practice.  He would also escalate the amount of war, mass surveillance and will vouch for the arbitrary imprisonment of Americans, against the 6th Amendment.

That’s more than a little divisive to a unified America. It would essentially erode the Constitution he exhibited in his speech. It just puts a libertarian doiley on a facist insult. He’s can’t be the true Conservative alternative because he wants so much more government in our business and our lives.

Conversely, Obama trespassed in requiring Catholic institutions to provide  medical contraception as a federal mandate. He clearly underestimated the atmosphere of opposition to the individual mandate across the country felt by all limited government constituencies, dumping fuel on the fire.  But he didn’t get it wrong when he made an edit for religious liberty.  Most (L)ibertarians wished he just went the whole way and eliminated the individual mandate.

What happened next during the contraception upset was a surprise. The media circus outed of a lot of presumptive, bigoted, TRULY facist dummies who have absolutely sealed their fate tumbling out fresh from CPAC.  The list of Independent voters just got longer, including anyone who isn’t exactly male, caucasian, and perfectly Christian involved in running this “great and just society”.

Ellen Banner for The Seattle Times

Santorum's image ominously illustrates the Big Government pyramid scheme

  1. anurbanite says:

    excellent, my sentiments exactly, Obama is in guaranteed!! Can you believe people are backing any of the GOP candidates?

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