DESTROY ALL MONSTERS! TRUST NO ONE! Not even Amnesty International…

Posted: June 29, 2012 in "Real" Monsters, "Shock Doctrine", 1984
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ZILLAMOD – Doublespeak is hitting the human rights arena as an Orwelllian hydra may change the meaning of  “human rights” to be interoperable with genocidal and militarized bloodshed.  Such is the case now that Amnesty International has decided to try to regulate … the International arms to Banana trade?  [WTF?! Left field?]

No, really – Neo-liberalist left field.

According to sources Collen Rowley and Anne Wright, murmurs of infiltration at Amnesty International have lead to claims the organization is wedging the legitimate face of humanitarian interests against militarized trade conflicts started with the hiring of former State Dept. strategist, Suzanne Nossel.

“Under Nossel’s leadership (only since Jan, 2012), Amnesty-USA apparently invited US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, a Negroponte protégée, who is reported to be a major figure responsible for having incited the civil war in Syria (according to the long-planned neo-con strategy for the Mid-east) to speak at a big annual conference in Denver.  Instead of supporting Kofi Annan’s peace plan, Ford was recalled from Syria and is still inciting and propagandizing.”

Again, Nossel was cited for a role in agitating conflicts with Iran in Mondowiess:

Amnesty International Collapse:  new head is former State Dept. official who rationalized  Iran sanctions, Gaza onslaught.” 

Meanwhile, Syrians continue to duck & run for their lives evading complete annihilation by their own Godzilla government.  Kofi Annan  continues trying to move ahead with a coalition to complete a cease fire in.  FOLLOW more news of  SYRIA on AL JAZEERA.


How the two faced role humanitarian aid or “revolutionary” interests in foreign affairs is played out in savage policy conflicts is illustrated here by The Chemical Brothers’ Out of Control.   Trust no one.


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