The Russel Pearce commemorative dinner

Posted: August 7, 2012 in "Real" Monsters
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Zillamod — Today’s headlines included the following.

Emails From ALEC Member Russell Pearce Show Anti-Immigrant 
[SB 1070] Law May Have Been Racially Motivated

Here are the highlights:

“Can we maintain our social fabric as a nation with Spanish fighting English for dominance … It’s like importing leper colonies and hope we don’t catch leprosy. It’s like importing thousands of Islamic jihadists and hope they adapt to the American Dream.”

“Battles commence as Mexican nationalists struggle to infuse their men into American government and strengthen control over their strongholds. One look at Los Angeles with its Mexican-American mayor shows you Vincente Fox’s general Varigossa commanding an American city.”

“Tough, nasty illegals and their advocates grow in such numbers that law and order will not subdue them. They run us out of our cities and states. They conquer our language and our schools. They render havoc and chaos in our schools.”

“Factual is not racial. Realism is not racism. The new definition of racist is anyone winning an argument with a liberal, minority, pacifist, bible banger, or moron.”


Wow.  This is astonishingly weird AND racist.

I had my doubts that racism was systemically entrenched, but not after this. The e-mails are incriminating by themselves, but what of the people he was corresponding with?  They were tending the fires of clearly irrational fears, which bear absolutely no connection with the level of moral sanity required of a lawmaker. The “laws” annul themselves by virtue of the fact they misrepresent constituencies they are employed to protect, like Mexican American citizens.

Pearce also doesn’t like legitimate competition.  That’s why he suffers from being in committees with other elected officials, who just happen to be of Hispanic origin.

The unique problem of racism with Hispanic Americans in the crosshairs is racial supremacists do not recognize hispanic US citizens as other Americans. They place Hispanics in the same homestead as a foreign national.  It doesn’t matter if you were born here, were naturalized or that your family employs their family – they believe by willpower they can annul your citizenship by being in the same room with them.  It’s extremely magical thinking. Pearce states correctly, racism has no basis in reality.

The problem is this man is/was an elected official. He also suffers from a pronounced inferiority complex with a superficial dominance affect.  He’s also just plainly – an asshole.

How often do you ever hear about today’s “battles” between “The Spaniards” and “The English” for dominance in our 236 year old nation? What era does this man live in?  The battles I saw in Arizona were between amateur underground rappers.

This tragic civil war era law renactment spectacle is such a rare find. Left in the annals of history nowhere past say…circa 1901? Yet – here we are in 2012 and Russel Pearce documented his post-colonial ire in an e-mail.

Did he get the memo that he English didn’t “win”. The colonists did. This win took place sometime in the late 1700’s? Apparently not in Pearce’s remixed-remastered version of British history sans US nation state sovereignty. There are plenty of British parlimentary nationals who might straighten him out on this policy, if it’s not a settled issue. That may be the reason why the US Constitution, and it’s unalienable rights, are so pesky to him.

He believes he is fighting Spaniards for land dominance.  Land “dominance” issues were more or less settled into the 1930’s. His rhetoric would be filed in museum relics alongside long swords and muskets. In this pile of sun ripened manure, is no mention of the US Native Americans -local tribes of Navajo and Hopi. Par.

None of this makes any kind of sense.  So I decided to do something equally nonsensical: have my own private commemorative dinner dedicated to Russell Pearce.

Here are the highlights:

Commencements took place around a carefully prepared meal of organic vegetarian tacos.  Attendees were myself, a woman of Hispanic American & European descent and my boyfriend, a man of clearly European descent.  Obviously we are blowing off the one-drop rule for this dinner!

We laughed and enjoyed our candle lit meal and discussed the relevance of voting because men like Russel Pearce are not in office from actual votes but from a corrupt local system where offices are probably bought.

Things were said like, “Someone should just try barring him from eating anything with corn, coffee or chocolate in it to see if he could get through one day without the benefit of Mezoamerican culture.” AND “What time is it on Sen.Pearce’s clock? KOO KOO!”

The likelihood is high this rather commonplace occurrance may make his head explode.  That would be the only collective societal violence induced here.

It would be based entirely on the mores of the closed society inside his head and a self-inducing defeat, at that.


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