REDUX Sunday Edition: Real ID recap

Posted: October 14, 2012 in "Real" Monsters

ZILLA MOD – Google suddenly had invisible coding issues on my blog today  for an  “&”  in my text which did not exist.  The result was that I was not able to post normally at blogger at the mother blog, on a Real ID news round up Sunday Edition.

REDUX Sunday Edition: Real ID recap

BTC – The fight over Real ID returns to New Mexico. Locals hotly debate Governor’s Martinez push to use national ID regulations in the Real ID Act. Opponents claim this is grounds to repeal a drivers license law appealing to undocumented migrants.

The Real ID Act deadline for states to comply is January, 15th 2013.  Keep tabs here.

More headlines from across America on Real ID affects on fliers and drivers.

Here is second life for news that matters: 

NYTimes – Flying Without a Photo ID

BATON ROUGE: REAL ID could be a real problem


WISCONSIN “Effective January 14, 2013, Wisconsin DMV will begin issuing driver licenses and ID cards that meet new federal REAL ID requirements.” AKA Rep. Sensenbrenner’s state. … [BTC Quick Editorial – It looks like Wisconsin ACLU might include something else in their priority list other than Voter ID. This would simply improve life for everyone living in the State of Wisconsin vs. just Progressive Democratic or union based interests.]

CONTRAPOSITIVE: L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa wants “ID card for immmigrants”

NEW MEXICO New Mexico sheriffs group may lobby for repeal of state illegal immigrant driver’s license law

Martinez Letter on Federal ID Act Called ‘Scare Tactic’ 

NM Governor pushes for help with looming Real ID deadline

ACLU-NM says – “Real ID is Dead. New Mexico IDs Will Continue to be Valid.”

[BTC Quick Editorial – If Martinez passes this concession to Real ID, she’s not a self-hating latina. She’s a self-hating American. See a Texas Republican for policy recommendations on your problem.]

HONORABLE MENTION: Lawmakers must fill in blanks if voter ID passes

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HID [RFID] Global to showcase portfolio of government ID solutions at ID WORLD International Congress 2012

Emirates ID has world’s largest number of civil integrated biometrics


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